Blood test results

Tsh 2.58 (0.3-5)

T4 9 (7-20)

T3 4.4 (3-6)

Levothyroxine increased to 50mcg daily from 25. Retest in 8 weeks.

Have been told that medication may stop in 2 months to see how my levels react without it. Still find it all a bit too confusing but Drs have said it maybe down to being peri menopausal. However once the thyroid starts to fail and medication is required it is a possibility that it will be required for life. Not to sure how to feel.

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  • 6 weeks on 25. I don't have auto immune problems as that was checked on last blood test before I started levo. I don't feel 'worse' I have felt much better since taking magnesium citrate but can't tell if that's the levo. I still have symptoms and am still putting on weight 😩 My new dr would like my tsh to be under 1 and t4 to be about 15. 8 weeks before I am retested. I am not financially able to check other blood tests at mo.

  • You seem to have a new doctor who states the aim is a TSH of 1, that's excellent as many are happy when it reaches anywhere in the range, even the top!

    25mcg is a very small starting dose, it's usually 50mcg. I'd make an another appointment in six weeks instead of 8 and say your symptoms are bad you cannot wait another two weeks.

    I don't know what she means she'll stop levo to see if you then don't need levo. Quite puzzling that one for me.

  • In what way does levo make you feel worse?

  • Stopping the levo to see the levels without it is a silly game that some doctors play. I think they're using their patients as guinea pigs! Looking at your levels there on 25 mcg, I cannot imagine that you would be ok without it. If I were you, I would refuse.

  • I find the whole thing, confusing and frustrating. I know that dragging my body constantly is infuriating and very frustrating. My own dr is on maternity and I know she would have stopped the trial of levo as I'm below the level 5. However this 'new' doctor has increased the levo as she wants it below 1-that's confusing. How come Drs have different opinions? If they stop the levo in 8 weeks what then? Will my body become worse? I can cope just about with the pain, perhaps becoming used to it maybe or maybe the pain meds? But when it affects my eye movements that's scary. Will I become worse if they stop it? So many questions and so many conflicting answers hence confusion and frustration.

  • I suspect if you show some assertive resistance the gp may relent and let you take the meds you need. I mean, what are they waiting for, what do they hope will happen when they stop your meds and how will this clarify it it is perimenopause ffs?

  • I think peri menopause is a reason maybe? Personally I think as my mother is hypo then the biological link is a probable. The only thing I don't like is being played 'god' with. I have symptoms. That's what they need to listen to but was told yesterday some people have my symptoms and don't have thyroid issues. Bit of a joke really

  • They just make it up as they go along. A doctor like that, whatever you say, he will come back with the opposite. It's a game to him. I bet he has a silly smirk on his face as he says it, doesn't he? I'm met that type many times before. They think they're so clever!

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