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Juice plus diet

Hi, l'm new on here. I have had an underactive Thyroid for about 13 years. I have put loads of weight on, thinking of trying the Juice plus diet. Is it safe to do so can any body tell me please. Thank you

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I don't think there's any reason not to, but I don't suppose it will help you lose weight. What you need are optimal levels of thyroid hormones. Do you have any labs to share with us?

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No l haven't but will ask next time. Thank you.


You're welcome.


Make the earliest appointment possible for your blood test and fast. You can drink water. Also allow 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards. This will give the best results, also ask for a Free T3 test and it may not be done but ask anyway.


It's a dreadful diet. The juices are full of sugar and other nasties. If you want to juice then you would be better off (financially and in term of health) buying a juicer and juicing your own veggies. I have a friend who was a juice plus rep and was studying to be a personal trainer at the same time. She gave up the juice plus business when she started learning about nutrition.

I lost a lot of weight on Whole30, if you have a Google. It's very good and there are excellent support groups on Facebook. Good luck!


Agree - Whole 30 is a healthy effective diet with a lot of support and resources out there.


I've tried the Jason Vale juice diet and pretty much stuck to it for a week, losing 10lbs. It is a pretty good mix of vegetables, fruit and avocado. Trouble is humans are meant to chew and nice as the juice recipes are they become boring after a while and if you are feeding other family members it's even more difficult to watch them eat proper food while you drink a pint of green stuff lol.

Of course once you stop, the weight tends to creep back on.


Juice Plus is a "multi-layered marketing company" (all but a pyramid scheme save for their product). Their reps makes wild, wild unsubstantiated claims e.g. curing your thyroid along with other stuff (kidney disease, Crohn's... you get the drift) and it has a very thin veneer of scientific stuff that sounds great but amounts to naff all.

On that basis alone, I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.


I know a juice plus rep and put it this way she is alovely girl but not the sharpest tool in the box... if that is the kind of ppl they have as reps thats enough to put me off!


Yes, it is safe as fas as I know I have the same as you, I spoke to my go he said if anything it would benefit me all the good vitamin's and nutrients, the only thing I can't take is cranberry juice because it affects my warfarin levels I have one every day, in a nutra bullit blender its great. Good luck.


If you ingest too much fructose, you may end up with a fatty liver (NAFLD), so whatever you do, go easy on the fruit and sweet veg.


Try eating a grapefruit every day, with as much of the white pith as possible. :)


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