Pain on T3! Iron is good. Cortef?

I am on 17mcg/3x daily. My joint and muscle pain is getting unbearable. I'm thinking its better to just quit meds and go back to treating this naturally with vitamins and good food. I have below range cortisol at all times of the day. Should I try Cortef next? Has anyone quit and treated naturally? Has anyone had pain relieved with Cortef? Is this from pooling? Help. Thx

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I'm sorry you are having pain which I think is unusual on T3. Maybe try one dose as your stomach has to be empty when taking thyroid hormones and food can interfere with the uptake.. This is a link by an expert who prescribed T3 and NDT.

Take your pulse/temp also several times a day if you're just starting T3 and reduce slightly if you have feel overstimulated.

I am not medically qualified and have hypothyroidism.

You cannot treat it 'naturally'. Vitamins and good food, whilst essential, cannot replace hormones. You need thyroid hormone replacement to live - you do know that T3 is a hormone, don't you? And it doesn't 'treat' anything as such. It 'just' replaces the hormone your gland can no-longer make. I think you should do some reading, and learn about your disease. :)

I had terrible muscle & joint pain on T3 & my muscles became so stiff I had difficulty moving. It is improved on NDT but returns if my T3 levels get too high. Have you checked your levels? Perhaps you need a slightly lower dose. I have found that minute changes can make a big difference. Hope you can resolve it.

I have high T3 and high RT3. How do prevent your T3 from getting to high since NDT has some in it? Do you also have high RT3? I tried taking my Thyroid-S again along with Cytomel because the RT3 has cleared a lot, but I still get the pain. Any tidbits of wisdom are appreciated. I also take C, B, D, selenium, multi. I've taken those a long time. The only change has been the pain with the Cytomel.

I just have to keep an eye on my T3 level. I do not know about my rt3 but do not convert t4 well so feel better if those levels are lowish. I thought that rt3 cleared if taking t3 only but I may be wrong. I am sure others with more knowledge will advise. Are you seeing an endo or other Dr who could advise? Did you introduce & increase t3 gradually? Could it be too much too quickly? I have always had to make changes very slowly because of the effects on my muscles predominantly.

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