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Blue Horizon Test comments please

Hoping someone could comment please -

TSH 1.84

T4 TOTAL 117.3

FREE T4 21.13

FREE T3 3.74

Thyroid test at doctors normal as well but feel hellish!

20 yrs ME/Fibrom, 10 yrs insomnia & hallucinations, 2 yrs red itchy palms and itchy blistered soles of feet, past year heart racing & palpitations, past few months weakness, legs like jelly, feel terrible in mornings and day long heartburn.

Really pleased I've found this site but I'm afraid all the numbers are double dutch to me - many thanks

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Impossible to comment with any certitude without the ranges. But, your FT3 does look low. At a guess, I would say you have a conversion problem, but would need the ranges to confirm.

TSH is a pituitary hormone that stimulates the thyroid to make more hormone.

FT4 is the thyroid storage hormone that has to be converted into the active hormone, FT3.

ME/fibro are very often symptoms of low thyroid.

Are you on any form of thyroid hormone replacement? It does sound as if you have a lot of low thyroid symptoms.


Hi there,

TSH 1.84 normal range 0.27 - 4.20

T4 TOTAL 117.3 " " 64.5 - 142.0

FREE T4 21.13 " " 12 - 22

FREE T3 3.74 " " 3.1 - 6.8

Absolutely nothing - the doctor just looked at my test and said there's nothing we can do for you - was hoping the BH one might show something but they said it was normal - hardly able to do much at all


No, well, doctors only look at the TSH, and there's nothing wrong with your TSH. It's your FT3 where the problem lies. You are hardly converting at all. I don't think I've ever seen that on someone who isn't on thyroid hormone replacement.

Not sure what you could do about that. Doctors just don't understand T3. But, you could try pointing that out to him, Your FT4 is very high, but your FT3 is very low. So, you have a lot of unconverted T4 floating around, which may be one of the reasons for your symptoms. Try asking to see an endo, because your GP sure as hell won't know anything about that!


Thanks for replying - feel so ill - know there's something wrong and have been driving myself demented looking up things on the internet just seen too that some Free T4 ranges end at 20 so I would have an abnormal test arghhhhh. May I ask how you know about this? Would an endo take notice of results like this?


It doesn't matter about other ranges, your results have to be interpreted according to the machine on which they were done. Had your tests been done on a different machine with a different range, you would have had a different result.

How do l know? Years of reading, and researching, and talking to people, and a great hormone specialist.

Whether or not an endo would take notice of it or not, depends on the endo. But, in general, they don't tend to know much about thyroid. Most of them are diabetes specialists who just think they know about thyroid. You would have to chose your endo very carefully.


Oh I see. Bless you for all your help x


Have you had levels of vitamin D, B12, folate and ferritin checked? These need to be at very good levels for thyroid hormones to work. You need to see the actual figures and ranges.

Also get thyroid antibodies tested - these can be high indicating autoimmune thyroid - called Hashimoto's yet the standard thyroid tests can remain normal

Blue Horizon can do all these - Thyroid plus eleven test.

Also do you know to do the blood test as early as possible in morning, no food or drink prior - just water to keep you hydrated. This gives highest TSH (the only thing medics really consider.)

Informative page about interconnection between low vitamin D and low B5 and insomnia

Heartburn can be low stomach acid - lots of posts about this on here. Causes low nutrients.


Thank you, had the Thyroid 6 test

Anti Thyroidperoxidase Abs 10.5 NR 34

Anti Thyroglobulin Abs 29.6 NR 115

Had the doctors test in the aft after food & the BH one first thing no food.


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