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My Wife's Blood Tests for the Past 5-years

Following on from my original post:

it was suggested by galathea that I post a copy of my wife's blood tests for the past 5-years.

And Louise Roberts has suggested that I do it on a separate thread.

So here they are;

Image 1 of 6:

Image 2 of 6:

Image 3 of 6:

Image 4 of 6:

Image 5 of 6:

Image 6 of 6:

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I am sorry you don't appear to have had a response to galathea 's suggestion. I hope you've maybe had a private message.


I've had responses from Clutter. If you follow the individual links given above, Clutter has responded to each of the 6 images, I posted, individually.

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I just realised that.


I now note that Clutter has responded to one of the links.

As regards the December '15 saying that a TSH of 3.69 was 'normal'. It may be in the normal range but is not normal for those of us on levo (although it does state for people on levo it's normal - not if they want to remain unwell). 2+ TSH is still not low enough to help us.


Blood tests should be the earliest possible and fasting. Leave about 24 hours from levo and the test and take it afterwards. Levo should be taken first thing on an empty stomach with one full glass of water. If levo is taken at bedtime miss this dose and take after test and levo can be taken as usual at night.

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