Get the BBC to investigate why effective drugs are denied on the basis of cost

There's an opportunity to get the BBC to investigate issues around the cost of drugs. For those of us who can't get T3 because of cost, and for those of you who don't even realise it yet, get voting - this issue has a little less support than the two top issues at the moment.

Get your friends and family to vote as well!!!!

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  • I have just voted, but the wrong one came up. It will not let me vote again. So no wonder the T3 question is 3rd in line!

  • It will if you go in again

  • if you scrolldown jbee, after you have clicked on a question, its on another page, there is an option where you can fill in what ever you want the bbc to investigate

  • if you scroll down to Where will I find Nicks answer' just below that are boxes where boxes where you can fill in what YOU would like the bbc to investigate.

  • Oh dear, that's a shame! Never mind, you tried!

  • dophin you have made me laugh-- member the GE, and miliband, his catch phrase was -- at least I tried' and they use that on newzoids-- a killer laugh for sunday morn. thanks.

  • Have voted

  • Voted

  • Voted.

  • Me too

  • Voted.

  • Voted

  • Voted

  • Voted.

  • Voted.xx

  • j_bee (and anyone else who is interested) not that I would ever advocate voting more than once :-) but if you've had trouble casting your vote have you tried opening a private browser window? That might allow you to have another go if you were unable to do it the first time.

    It's currently very fine and a few extra votes might get it over the line.

  • Voted. Wrote little bit in box about it. Anyone else ?

  • Yes asked question but run out of letters!

  • Have voted and also left comment but at the moment we are third. Need many more votes!!!!

  • when I looked at the 4 questions to choose from,it is so typical of the bbc to rubbish homeopathy, that really does piss me off, because e ithas helped me no end ,now , and in 1998 when I had a swollen face and eyes like slits and NO ONE in the gps surgery or hospital knew whatto do, my skin peeled off, my eyelids were swollen to breaking point I had

    a moon face and I stayed in for 3 weeks, who helped? a homeopathist who gave me 3 pulsatillas... result! and now my lovely nhs doctor a real kind gentle listening doc in royal London hospital, a real gentleman who helps me with lyme whenno one else even wants to

    acknowledge the result and even wants to contact dr Richard horwitz in usa for advice.. log on to friends of homeopathy site royal London integrated and see for yourself how many sick people have been helped by homeopathy when conventional doesn't- my advice-- is--- do not judge what you do not know of, or have not had experience of!

  • I was thinking exactly the same thing. I haven't tried homeopathy but am open to trying treatments not pushed by "big pharma". I'm going to suggest a alightly different question.

  • Babette Good idea - they gave hardly amy space in the comment box

  • I agree - I have no objection to homeopathy and felt bad criticising it in order to highlight our plight

  • Voted!

  • I believe there have been several luke warm attempts on the BBC to alert the public about the NHS withdrawing drugs on account of price but I agree it needs something like a Panorama doc. to bring the subject to the eyes of the public/G.vt ,in a big way.My own very generous GP is now raising eyebrows at the cost of liothyronine for me and anytime now he may say it is too expensive to prescribe. I am sure I am not alone.

  • Partner and I have voted - it's 2nd now with 29%

  • I've just voted, but when my husband tried to do so, having re-established our internet connection and opened a private browsing window, it wouldn't let him submit his vote. Evidently, only one vote is allowed per household.

    Very, very disappointed that, at the moment, the leading question has to do with so-called NHS 'tourists'. This is a tiny problem, which has been made large for political purposes. I'm dismayed that the public repeatedly fall for this kind of propaganda, which we've also seen in the well publicised crack-down on sickness and disability benefit fraud, which has always been a tiny proportion of overall benefit fraud.

  • Voted - thanks for posting this.

  • I voted. Thank you for your post!

  • Voted. It's currently in 2nd place.

  • Voted - thanks for posting!

  • Went to see if I could re-vote again today and it says our question is first in line now. Hooray!

  • I've just put it on Facebook. Most people won't understand, but some of them will vote anyway. It's worth a try!

  • i have just voted :))) we are 1st now yippie!!

  • I just voted also and still in first place.

  • Voted - it's still quite close although 1st at the moment.

  • "Our" question is pulling ahead of the competition. It's currently on 32%, the second place question is at 28%.

  • Voted. fingers crossed. ☺

  • Just been and checked. It looks like voting is closed.

  • Let's hope we're still on top! I'll have a hunt.

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