Could anyone tell me the approx cost of Armour Thyroid on a monthly basis please?

Don't know if this is something anyone wants to disclose or if it's a private issue, but am wondering if i could put it to my GP that I'd like to give armour thyroid a try at my own cost? I can only say this though if i think I'd be able to afford it so don't want to stab myself in the foot if I can't back up the cost? Am on 100 levo at the mo.

Many thanks

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  • This is a link re getting a prescription for NDT through your GP if he is willing.

    You could phone one of these pharmacies for the cost if you pay privately.

  • thanks shaws

  • My doc quoted 30 quid at me.

  • Is that a month's cost or 3 months?

  • sorry, 1 month

  • thanks wbowles

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