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My GP wants to change my medication because of the cost...what can I do?

Hi All

I received a letter for my GP saying they want to change my medication, they have written to my Endo to ask if this is okay. I'm lucky enough to be on T3 and T4 (I had to fight for this) my health way quite bad, just on T4. I know it is to do with cost.....

I'm on Levothyroxine 50 Mcg and Liothyronine20 Mcg

I have rung my pharmacist today to pick up my meds they say I only have 1 month worth of the Liothyronine, with a doctors note....It sounds like the decision has already been made.......

I can feel a rant coming on..... but you guy's already know the issue with the cost of T3 and the UK only using this one brand of T3 thats the most expensive....

This last year and a half I have had such good health, not getting sick all the time feeling like crap etc....

The bottom line is what can I do...

Can I get the prescription sent abroad for cheaper T3

Hope you guys can help, your always a brilliant source of info.


Nicky xx

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Ask your practice for written reasons why they are stopping your Liothyronine prescription. Write to the practice and your CCG appealing the decision and inform them of the improvements in your health since T3 has been prescribed. Copy your MP on all correspondence. If it is purely a cost reason suggest your GP writes a named patient basis prescription for Sanofi Cynomel (French T3) or Thybon Henning (German T3) which are not extortionately priced like Mercury Pharma.

In the meantime, buy some Turkish or Greek T3 online without a prescription. It is very affordable unlike the rip off prices charged for Mercury Pharma.

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Thank you so much for all your advice, I will get on to my GP.... Cheers


Someone else on here posted that they had got German T3 on NHS. Presumably this was due to extortionate cost increase of MP T3.

Why not find out a bit more & ask for this brand instead?

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Here's that post -Henning Thybon was the brand


The product is actually Henning Thybon. The post you quoted had a typo in it. Have corrected that original post.

To try to avoid possible confusion, the company Henning is owned by Sanofi Deutschland and you mioght see that name on packets, etc. This is NOT the same formulation as the French parent Sanofi Cynomel. (I have probably just added to the confusion.. Sorry.)


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