Do we need carbs?

Can I ask people's opinions on carbs? I've read that we need carbs for Thyroid function but I have friends (Thyroidies!) who are both on low-carb diets and disagree.

I recently lost 10lbs on the leaky gut diet and am disappointed that I have now put it all back on since eating carbs again (I couldn't cope with the constipation). My body works better with carbs (bowel wise) but weight wise I know I'm better without.

I really, really want to lose some weight but feel like I'm in a Catch 22 position and don't know what the answer is!!

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Hi. I recently read the adrenal reset diet by Dr Christiansen. Very relevant to autoimmune thyroid problems. Carbs are extremely important but need to be eaten at the correct time and in the correct ratio of carbs to protein. Very informative and easy to read if you want to lose weight.

Lu x

I've just had a look at the book on looks very interesting :-)

My daughter has Hashis and has been following the Joe Wicks exercise program and diet with great success, no problems with constipation. She says it's all about eating protein and carbs at the right time. She feels great, but it's all individual and what works for you. I'm thyroidLess and follow a GI type diet and do well. Good luck x

I found apple cider vinegar a tablespoon diluted in 100ml water 2 times a day really helped. Low carb diet and no constipation at all once taking it.

LFE12 and Sidtrivett, can I ask if your daughter/you normally suffer from constipation?

I used to suffer from it occasionally really badly especially if not eating enough fibre, I also did the joe wicks diet and suffered with it a bit but found the apple cider vinegar really helped. Just seems to help me with digestion and getting things moving! X

I have to be very careful with what I eat - certain foods cause constipation, and I am totally wheat free now and that has he,led to remove it along with taking eggs and chicken out of my diet - awful reaction to eggs πŸ€‘πŸ€‘! If my meds are out it constipation hits as well.

I have been gluten free for about 3 years now and I think that has helped my digestion but I have a long way to go yet!

I have taken probiotics in the past but I never seem to feel any different. Can you recommend any ones you've found particularly effective? Thanks :-)

Apologies for not replying, been away down south and no wifi.

I've used the Boots Probio7, as well as Nature's Aid Advanced Acidopholus Complex. If you go to a really good health food shop you will find they can recommend some. It helps to take them with fish oil. I have found that some of my sensitivities are reduced as long as I take them, as does my daughter. Good luck.

Hi, sorry, forgot, the biggest change has been taking probiotics. It's made a massive difference to my digestion and leaky gut issues. I change the brand every 2 months so the gut doesn't get used to it. Lynne

If you don't eat any carbs, you'll feel "brain-tired" all the time and will also not be able to do anything physical without stunning amounts of will power. You'll crave carbs as your body knows it needs glycogen. However, that doesn't mean you should eat as many carbs as the UK dietary guidelines say. Eat plenty of veg (even some potatoes and turnips). but steer clear of bread, pasta and cereals, and don't eat lots of fruit. If you eat enough fat (and your meds are correct), you shouldn't be constipated - fat produces stools that are easier to pass than the big, dry high carb ones.

When I was doing the leaky gut diet I was having a can of coconut milk a day (it was my guilty pleasure ;-) ) plus coconut oil, and still... zilch. I feel better with a small amount of carbs and really am only out of control when I have things I know I shouldn't, like bread, biscuits etc so your suggestion is a good one - if only I could keep things "moving"!

Do whatever you need to keep things moving don't want to add plugged up bowels to your ailments πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

If you want to go lower carb then do so gradually eg try every other day or every third day. Obviously have lots of veg and fruit carbs.

Why? ? We underestimate the bacteria that help us digest. Your particular population of bacteria are of cultures that can deal with what you usually have. You want to change what you eat then you need to give time for your bacterial population to catch up. Your population won't diversify overnight just because your shopping trolley did πŸ˜‰

Be kind to your bugs. Shock them and they strike! πŸ˜€

Apparently this is a controversial subject, esp since people on both sides of any diet debate can be very vociferous (though that doesn't seem to be happening on this thread).

I just read recently - I will try to find the link - a medical blog where this was discussed in the comments, paleo as regards both mental health and thyroid hormone. The blogger (a psychiatrist) seemed to feel it might make some improvements in many people but others might feel worse. She said she'd never seen a eureka result where it was a cure-all the way it is sometimes written about.

Sorry, that doesn't sound all that helpful! I will see if I can find the link.

I think this is the link I was thinking of where she says in the comments 'anyone who promises the paleo diet as a cure is lying, particularly for longstanding and complex medical conditions. I've had some people ask me about it for chronic fatigue in particular. I say, look, in my experience some people have had a modest improvement in energy, and often an associated weight loss if there is some extra fat on board already. Clearer skin also seems to be fairly consistent. I know there are anecdotes on the internet of magical cures but I've not seen one in person.'

There are comments here re low carb and thyroid (the last one is a bit worrisome):

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