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Bloods again

Sample 20th jul 2016

Thyroid function serum

Free T4. 14.5. pmol/L. 10-20

TSH 21.7. my/L. 0.2-6

Thyroid comment 10.3-19.4

Pattern starting to improve, but TSH still compatible with hypothyroidism

Taking 75mg levothyroxine

Have graves disease and b12 deficiency injections for life.

Don't think I will ever understand thyroid results.

No further bloods booked in, seeing consultant December

Thanks for any help given .

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I'm sure you will understand them, with time!

TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. This is a pituitary hormone that is secreted when the pituitary senses that there is not enough thyroid hormone in the blood. The more there is, the more hypo you are. Yours is high at 21.7, so you are very hypo. When you are on thyroid hormone replacement - levo, etc - it should be one or under.

FT4 - Free T4. Secreted by the thyroid gland - or, in your case, taken orally as levo. This is the storage hormone, which is supposed to be converted into T3 - the active hormone, needed by every single cell in your body - as needed. Yours is under mid-range, whereas most people need it in the top third of the range to have enough to convert. So, it's possible that your T3 is low - the high TSH would suggest that, too. However, doctors don't test the FT3, because usually, they don't understand its importance.

I've no idea what the 'Thyroid Comment' is, never seen that before.

You should have your next test 6 weeks after starting the 75 mcg dose. And, obviously, your dose should be increased to 100 mcg - increases are always by 25 mcg at a time. Then, you should retest six weeks after that, and continue like that until your TSH is one or under, and all your symptoms have gone. That's the protocol. Unfortunately, doctors often have no idea what they're doing and stop increasing once your TSH is somewhere in range. This is where you have to take charge and confront them! But, cross that bridge when you come to it! :)

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How long have you been on 75mcg of T4 ?


Just spotted your other thread. As greygoose says you are undermedicated and need testing 6 weeks after every increase. Also take into consideration how some of the drugs you are taking make the T4/Levo less effective.


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