been to drs yet again and update on bloods

my right leg has water retention worse than my right leg so now on bendroflumethiazide 2.5mg

and on the 31st may i get measured for some sexy compression knee highs

i need to drink more to lower sodium

im not anemic but in her next breath she said all women who have periods are anemic

and im not diabetic

bloods again friday for the in depth diabeties, sodium and thyroid

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Hi Mandy

Be careful to notice any side effects of these and report straight away as they could make some of the issues you mentioned in your previous post that I responded to worsen.

Hope you feel better soon :-)

"im not anemic but in her next breath she said all women who have periods are anemic" - they are not.

It is commonly seen though because the NHS:

1. In many areas use labs that use a level lower than what NICE guidelines and WHO guidelines use to establish iron deficiency anaemia

2. Many GPs are unaware of the role of ferritin so ignore the fact that many teenage girls and women have symptoms of iron deficiency long before they have iron deficiency anaemia

3. Teenage girls and women only go to the GP when they realise their periods are very heavy or are unwell but many GPs fob them off, including when they have test results that show they are clearly iron deficiency anaemia with those labs in 1 lower range boundary.

Rant over.

If you have any side effects remember to report them on here - and you can decide not to allow them to contact your doctor.

Hope you feel better soon.

im due more bloods next week so will get the ferritin and folate added along with b12 hopefully

ive decided not to take the tablets im going for horsetail instead, supposed to be as good as prescription diuretics but without the side effects

Hi mandy72 ....just reading your post and noticed you say you are going to try horsetail ( instead of your prescribed moduretic). I also see you have high calcium levals. I THINK I am correct that horsetail actually contains calcium? may want to check this out. πŸ˜€

i thought my calcium levels were ok, think they were mid range

i wouldnt take daily anyway just now and then to keep the water at bay, i got a tincture

the meds dr gave me have moderate interactions with most the meds im on including thyroid, i just know ill get sicker taking those

Ah right mandy72 - my mistake ( hypo fuzzed brain not functioning very well πŸ˜€ ). I confused calcium with your high sodium levels. Sorrrry . Hope the horsetail works for you.

no need to appologise we all have them blasted thyroid brain moments :)

on a good note no swelling today, guess it was from all the water i drank this morning for scan......ive been peeing every 10 mins since lol and to top it off im drinking more because its hot

That's really good to hear you have no swelling today mandy72

My silly gadget sent that reply before I had finished ! I was going to say half the country may have swollen ankles today with the heat....mine have a bit. So guess I need to drink loads like you have....guess it has to be water....not wine ! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

well fruit juice is ok and wine does contain fruit so it should be ok lol


have you informed yourself of lymph-massage?

i made a short course in lymphmatic massage and i learned, that: if your lymphs ( lets say on one leg) aren't working right, you retain the water. there can be something bad behind it.

inform yourself about the lymphs and ask your doctor for a test.

i can't help with more info about it, as it was some 25 years ago whe i did this course, and i never used it on anybody, as it is to slow of a massage for my liking.


i will have to have a look into that

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