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What a difference

My friend and pharmacist also has hypothyroidism which has been unsuccessfully treated with t4 only. She always looked tired, her skin was dry and dull, her hair was dry thin and dry and she was over weight. Well I piped in to see her concerning irritated eye treatments and straight away I noticed a huge difference. She looked so much younger, fitter and brighter around the eyes. So I mentioned ndt and had she taken some but she said no, she doesn't eat anything or any part of any animal but her endo had changed her meds to t3 only. She hadn't improved with t4 and was taking a high dose so that's how she got the t3. I was unsure about all this t3 and t4 but now I've seen the difference a change of prescription makes. Me I'm waiting for an appointment referral to see specialist and hopefully I will feel and look well too, fingers crossed.

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Be aware that doctors treat other health professionals differently if they think that health professional is someone who has the capabilities of challenging them. So pharmacists and NHS managers get different treatment from regular patients and nurses.

As a normal member of the public if you wish to request a treatment you need to read up on it and understand it before doing so. Doctors cannot be bothered to explain it to you. The main part of thyroid UK has a simple explanation of the endocrine system and the thyroid work link -

and if you can explain that to other people, you have a good chance of standing your ground and explaining to an endo why you need T3.


She has been on same meds as me for years so its not because she's knowledgeable and got t3.


If you are in the UK, both should become members of as the 'powers that be' are trying to eliminate T3 altogether on the pretence that it's unsafe when it is actually the cost which has risen dramatically due to some unknown reason. TUK are always at the forefront trying to change how we are diagnosed/treated and that we should have options.

Many of our members source their own but we cannot post on the open forum.

As you have seen the change in your pharmacist I can wholeheartedly agree that some need T3 or even the addition of T3 to T4 for some and it is amazing how much improved you feel. It has been a life-line for me and husband, in particular, who had to go through some trying times with my awful symptoms when on levo.


Wow, what a result for her! That seems so unusual now to be prescribed t3 only. (I do hope we don't all have it taken from us.)

Good luck w your appt. Is your specialist on the TUK list?


Don't know, what is it?


Thyroid UK has a list of 'friendly' endos who may be willing to be a bit more flexible w meds and treatments than the usual endo. They are otherwise notorious for being difficult and unhelpful so I highly recommend you choose an endo who is recommended, either via pm or the list. You can contact Louise, her email used to be but it has changed, give it a try anyway and maybe someone here will fill us in on the new address.

Is it an option to go to your friend's endo? That might be a simple solution (not that it is a guarantee of good treatment but nothing is).


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