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Just found this site, been on levo for over 10yrs following radioactive treatment for Graves disease. Last year has been the worst, re-depression, sleeping for 2-3 hrs during the day, no energy, no get up and go. My smiles are missing, is this just depression or could it be related to my thyroid, my TSH is very low but I do not want to reduce the dose of levo as worried I will put even more weight on!!!! Please help as GP just says its depression, I really don't want to live my life like this xx

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Depression is a symptom of low thyroid. Depression is not a disease, it's a symptom. Doctors are too thick to understand that.

Is your doctor only testing the TSH? He wants a kick up the bum! He could at least test the FT4, for goodness sake. Once you are on thyroid hormone replacement, the TSH is useless at best, deceptive at worst. It rarely corresponds to thyroid status. If I were you, I would ask my doctor to test the following :

TSH (if he absolutely has to!)



vit D

vit B12



The nutrients need to be optimal for your body to be able to use the hormone you're giving it. And optimal is not the same as just in range! For the B12, it's 1000, and the others need to be at least mid-range.

He may not do them all, but get what you can. Then, ask for a print-out of the results - it's your legal right to have one - and post them on here, with the ranges - and let's see what's going on. Could be you aren't converting very well, or have nutritional deficiencies or something. :)


Your GP doesn't know that 'depression' is a clinical symptom when on insufficient thyroid hormones if we are hypothyroid. They know 'nil by mouth' about hypo. :)

Greygoose has given good advice. My own opinion is that your Free T3 will be very low. I am hypothyroid - haven't had a thyroidectomy and couldn't get well on levothyroxine. The addition of some T3 to those without a thyroid gland or RAI should, in my view, be given as well as T4/T3 only if they're still unwell.

If your doctor wont do the appropriate tests and, if you can afford it you can have a private test from one of our Recommended Labs. You get a small discount and so does the main website, Thyroiduk which helps them run their office and staff.



Blood tests should be at the very earliest possible and fasting. Allow about 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards. This allows the TSH to be at its highest.

Also ask GP to test, B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate and thyroid antibodies.

We have to read and learn but I think the doctors should also do the same as the modern method is keeping people very, very unwell and with nowhere to turn.


Thank you, off to try and get full blood test later today, if not will chase you one of the labs on this site. Will post results as soon as .


Got some blood results more on Friday, have requested all!!

At the mo.

TSH 0.09. Range starts at 0.1

T3 3.8. Range starts at 3.5

GP visit tomorrow, with more up to date reslts from bloods taken on Monday ,

Off sick for almost 4 mths, no pay now, some days it's a struggle to get out of bed, daily headaches

Need to be armed with as much info as poss. I have done massive about of reading, so fairly confident that I know enough, but any more wouldn't go amiss

Thank you


Your doctor will think your tests are fine. However, I doubt many know that there is something called Thyroid Hormone Resistant particularly in the UK. and I'll give you a link of info.

You don't give the ranges for T3 but it is Free T3 which is the important one. Read down the page:



If you've been off work for four months I doubt what dose or hormone you're taking at present isn't doing you any favours. To not get sick pay either is awful. You are ill through no fault of your own.

Doctors in the UK have to follow the guidelines and has to take full responsibilty for his prescribing.

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I should have said that when you have a blood test for thyroid hormones it should be the earliest possible and fasting. Also allow 24 hours between your last dose of levo and take it after test.

Levo or any thyroid hormones should be taken at the earliest with one full glass of water and wait about an hour before eating. Food interferes with the uptake of hormones. You can also take it at bedtime if you prefer but you must last have eaten about two hours before.

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