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Dr Paul Jennings Endo York..Or any Good Endo Recommendations--North West Preferably

Hi all, I'm quite new here re posting--been mainly reading this (wonderful, sane-making) forum for last year or so (--due to depressive inertia, brain fog, dyslexia).

Anyhoo..Paul Jennings: he practices at the private Nuffield Hospital, York and York Teaching Hospital nhs according to Google..Has anyone seen him?..

Or can you recommend anyone else, nhs or private in north, or up to Midlands--but preferably Manchester..I'm will to travel--a bit, not too far-feel too ill and will be travelling alone..Plus ofcourse the travelling expenses

I have complex autoimmune hypo issues..probably hashimoto's, but could be something else..or hashi's plus another autoimmune condition. Want to see someone who's empathetic, very thorough..and not a blood test nazi!!

Will go into more detail, and post bloods in another post..Haven't got time or energy at mo.

Please PM me..Thanks in advance, NMT x

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Hi nomemorytonight,

Email for a list of member recommended endos.


@+Minigirl nomemorytonight If you can get `Tirosint in monodose` liquid sachets there

has been good results for hypo thyroid on it. Google `Tirosint in monodose gel capsules website. I`m trying to get some too. Hope this helps.


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