Help, please?!? Can anyone recommend a doctor in the North West to prescribe NDT?

Hi Folks,

My Thyro-Gold order is still missing in the post, & I'm now down to 1/3 grain of NDT to eek out the few tablets I have left.

If anyone can recommend a doctor I can go to for a private prescription in North West England, I'd be extremely grateful.

Also, is anyone able to tell me approximately what I can expect to pay for the consultation & prescription, please?



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Leverette, email for a list of member recommended endos. You'll need to check with their offices whether they prescribe NDT.

The last version I received didn't have any endos in the North West. (This was some time last year.) I have requested a new version.

Thanks Keziablue!

Thanks Clutter!

The thyroiduk list still doesn't have any endos north of London.

My nearest is about 40 miles away.

Keep looking, they might shuffle around!

Crisis over, my Thyro-Gold arrived yesterday.

Thanks for your help!


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