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Hi again . Id be so grateful if someone could help me with my thyroid function test which I got a copy of recently and were taken in February as I haven't a clue what they mean at the time I think I was on 100mg of levo but was just feeling really sick + getting more + more symptoms. Thank you for your help and time in advance. PS these results were when he upped my levo to 100. Before that i was on ,,75,mg for approx a year. Serum tsh level - 0.42 mu/L -0.30-6.00mu/L. Serum free T4 level - 15.9 pmol/L -. 10-22.00pmol/L. 18th December,2015. Full blood count (abd) - just out of normal range. Thanks again.

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  • So, when these labs were done, you were taking 75 mcg levo daily, right? OK, so I see why he increased the dose, your FT4 isn't even mid-range. So, when was that? I'm afraid your post isn't very clear.

    You shouldn't stay on the same dose for a year. You should be tested six weeks after any change in dose. So, if these labs are more than six weeks old, then you're over-due for a new set of labs.

    Edit : Just noticed you say these labs are from February. So, you are long over-due for tests!

    Make your appointment for as early in the morning as possible, and fast over-night. Leave 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test. That way, you'll get the highest TSH, which is all most doctors look at. :)

  • Hi thanks for your reply. Yes them results are from February + it was 12 months before February that I was last tested. I now know that this is why I have got more + more symptoms + felt so Ill. I've now changed my GP + got an appointment with an endo in October so hopefully I can start to get my health back. PS I forgot to mention that I never stayed on the levo + I bought nature throid + t3 + now taking 11/2grain ndt + 25mg t3 cut in half and taken half mid day + other half in the afternoon so hopefully I'll see the benefits soon. Thanks again grey goose for your time and help

  • Well, that's not exactly a minor detail, is it. It changes everything. When did you start that dose? Did you build up slowly or dive straight in?

  • My main question is 'how are you feeling on 100mcg?'

    Even though GP might be happy with your TSH your FT4 is below mid-range and should be towards the upper part of the range.

    No Free T3 has been taken as they rarely ever request it. The fact that T3 is the Active Hormone required in all of our Receptor Cells, if we don't have sufficient T4 to convert to T3 we will remain unwell with clinical symptoms.

    This is new research and combined two links re T3 being added to T4.

  • Hi Shaw's thanks for your help.i stopped taking levo just after my GP upped it +bought nature thyroid as I felt so I'll. I still got more symptoms except forthe weird feeling + pins + needles in my hands. I think I upped them to quickly as well as I was desperate to feel better again. I now take 11/2 grain of ndt in the morning and approx 4hrs later 121/2 of t,3 + the other half of t3 later. I started taking b12 zinc selenium vitamin D kelp + folate so I'm hoping for them to work soon. As I feel so I'll ,,+my feet are so swollen and painful. Thanks again

  • When we begin NDT, it is usual to take one daily dose equal to that of levo you were on. Then every 2 weeks increase by a small amount (1/4 or 1/2) until your symptoms go. If you feel overstimulated i.e. fast pulse/temp drop back to previous dose. Taking one daily dose imeans your life isn't lived around timings and pills. Take NDT with one glass of water when you get up and wait about an hour before eating. If you prefer you can take it at bedtime with one glass of water, and you should have last eaten about 2 or 2.5 hours before. Food interferes with the uptake of hormones.

    Takie any vitamins/minerals etc at lunchtime.

    P.S. Dr Lowe always took his hormones in the middle of the night so nothing interfered with his dose.

  • Why are you taking kelp??? That's likely to make you worse, not better. You know, it really would help if you gave all the details - like what you're taking, for example - in the main question. How do you expect people to help you if they know nothing about you?

  • Thanks Shaw's it sounds alot easier to take at night so I will try that. Thanks again for your time and help

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