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Update on Thyroid Ultrasound

I saw a new doctor today who read my ultrasound results showing my many small nodules and heterogenous thyroid, and explained my mannnnny symptoms to him. The last doc I saw insisted that since my TSH was normal, my thyroid was fine. He, however, said that my thyroid felt leathery and inflamed on one side, despite the sizing being normal in the ultrasound. He believes that I might have an autoimmune disorder causing thyroiditis, and is checking my free T3, free T4, and thyroid antibodies.

I'm just so glad to hear that I'm not crazy. If my thyroid results confirm thyroiditis, he's going to send me for a contrast MRI to try and find out which autoimmune disorder could be causing me to get all out of whack.

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Yay! Good news. It's so important to feel listened to and to have a doctor take your symptoms seriously. Good luck with the MRI.


Do let us know how it goes and also who this amazing doctor is!


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