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Hello I have just had my results back I'm just wondering if there's anything else I can do to lower my tsh or do they look good. I take 100mg levo and 40mg omeprazole removed gluten from my diet this has really helped with my acid. I also had follicular cancer in my right lobe which was removed last September.

I still feel tried and joints ache if I have a long day also I've started gaining weight and my hair seems to be thinning more but I do feel better within myself.

TSH Receptor <0.3.......0-0.9

Thyroid Per Ab 663.......0-35

FT3 4.4.......3.5-6.5

TSH 1.40......0.38-5.5

FT4 18.3.......10-18.7

I learn so much more from reading the posts on here than I do from the doctors I am under.

Thank you in advance

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  • Missy28 I've had a quick look back at your previous post and replies and these are my thoughts, others will come along with suggestions too.

    As far as your Hashimoto's is concerned, your antibodies are still very high. Have you gone scrupulously gluten free as advised? Are you supplementing with selenium? You need to take this very seriously, many members have found this helps enormously. Some people also need to be dairy free.

    You need a suppressed TSH with Hashi's as well, and with those results you are not optimally medicated. Your FT4 is too high for the FT3. Your FT4 is 95% through the range, your FT3 is only 30% through it's range. I'm thinking you need to add some T3 to your Levo, that will bring your FT4 down and your TSH also.

    What about the omeprazole? Presumably for high stomach acid? Most of us hypos have low stomach acid which seems to give the same symptoms. Omeprazole isn't the answer, you probably need to increase your stomach acid which can be achieved with either Apple Cider Vinegar or Betaine HCl plus Pepsin. But you can't just come off Omeprazole cold turkey, it has to be reduced slowly.

    Have you had vitamins and minerals tested? It would be an idea to get


    Vit D



    all tested and any deficiencies addressed with supplements. Post test results, with ranges, and members can make suggestions where necessary. Joint aches make me think you may be low in Vit D. Thinning hair may be low ferritin.

  • Gluten is hidden in many many things......you really have to check everything and read labels until you get use to it. Nothing made from barley, wheat or rye.

    It needs to be 100% - we can't be "almost" gluten free

    Malt vinegar is made from barley - so off the menu - it is in a lot of things....ketchup, BBQ sauce, etc

    Most beer & larger made from malt barley too. Soy sauce has wheat in.

    But on the plus side the huge growth in number of people finding a gluten free diet is better for them, there are increasing G Free options.

    I notice lots of products are switching from malt vinegar to spirt vinegar ( which is Ok) I wonder if this is a coincidence?


  • You certainly look as though you have a conversion problem so vitamins etc need to be optimum to help with that. I had the same problem but supplementing made a huge difference but doesn't happen overnight!

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