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Returning follower was lost for a few weeks

Very keen follower for months until did not get posts for several days. How to feel a gap in one's life!! Told by endo last February that I should have T3 as had no thyroid due to RAI. But when I saw him again, after ban on prescribing, no offer was made. Have cupboards full of I in date NDT have decided to go back to it. Only place to get T3?

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It is so very disappointing - first the fact that you have no thyroid gland at all. I have one but only have got my health returned by T3.

Some Endos are sympathetic and would like to add some T3, but now that the cost has become so high it pleases the BTA et al to refuse us the necessary hormone for life. T3 is the only active hormone.

However, GPs can also prescribe Brand T3 on a 'named patient' basis but they are reluctant to do so as they then have to take full responsibility if the patient has a reaction etc to it.

Did you feel better on NDT, as you are forced to supply your own meds due to the treatment you had on your gland.?

If after about 4 months you aren't improving on NDT, you might have to purchase T3 and members will send a private message as no details are allowed on the forum.


Thank you for your reply. I think it has been not only what we all realise is the pricing problem of T3 but also sinister outside influences on so called professional bodies. In my case I was on unsupervised self treatment with NDT when I had my cardiac "event" and this was blamed on the treatment. But as far as I have found out it is more likely that under optimum levels of free T3 are more likely to be the cause. I had one test done but there was no T3 result. I will test more rigourosly this time. My lab consistently ignore GP and consultant requests for free T3 tests!! I have threatened to claim negligence. I just have to get cross enough but this is hard with lovely blue horizon being so accommodating.

I am glad to be back in touch with my support. Caused by an error in my email address.



Hi janveron, thank you for your advice on where to find NatureThyroid.

I found Thiroyd by Greater Pharma in Thailand to be the very best for me. It is desiccated pigs thyroid and totally natural, but I have run out of those tabs. I got my hands on a few tabs of Thyroid S (also Thailand)....with terrible results of severe depression.

I ordered Thiroyd a few years back directly from the company in Thailand with no could perhaps give them a try? Every individual experiences medication good luck!


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