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Amalgam filling dentists in South East recommendations?

I need all six of my amalgam fillings SAFELY removed at a reasonable price. Can any one recommend a place in the South East or any where in the UK? I know that there are a few non-holistic dentists that offer the same treatment for a lower price, but without the same safety precautions, equipment and tools.


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If Farnham, Surrey is doable for you, there is a holistic dental center (of that name).

I had x 13 removed. Is not inexpensive, but they are thorough and with the right equipment.




Another recommendation for Farnham. I had 6 months of treatment that included replacing a number of crowns.


I had done amalgam free tooth filling ( )from Clearbrook dental in Oshawa. It was all safe as they were mercury free. It will be better if you have the treatment done as soon as possible. I am sure you will be fine.


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