Doc willing to prescribe NDT in South East

Morning fellow Thyroid Pioneers

I am after TWO pieces of advice - any recommendations for a private doc who is happy to consult & prescribe NDT ideally in Hampshire or if not the South East OR a nutritionist or expert who could advise my doctor HOW to prescribe? My doc is happy to write the script but as he does not know a lot about it & therefore won't recommend dose. He is not very keen on doing it but I think he would if I could get the above. Hence the request for private doctor, this might be my best option? I am struggling more so with weight, energy, hairloss, mood & dry skin since I went through The Menopause.... It's time to change... Thanks in advance for the wealth of info this site gives.... X

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  • Hi JaneyG, I am in Hampshire and have found a private doc., who has given me Erfa. I don't think I am allowed to mention his name, but he is on Louise's list. He is very popular and in demand so it does take weeks to get an appointment. I think he might do telephone apps. as well.

  • Hi, my dr's probably the same as Stoneym's. I'll pm you, as I too can recommend him. :-)

  • Please can you pm me the name too? Thank you :)

  • Have done alison2015 :-)

  • If you could that would be very kind - it's always good to use someone who someone else can recommend.. Many thanks Jane

  • Have done JaneyG and you replied to it earlier. :-)

  • Thank you :)

  • Gosh - sorry ..! Thankyou again then in that case! Thought it was the other lady!! Very grateful !!


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