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Anyone else suffering the same

Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has been suffering the same symptoms and if so any advice would help as I feel like going through hell with no light at the end of the tunnel.

I am feeling totally unwell, feel like rushes of hormones through body, which is especially worse if I don't get a good nights sleep, throbbing head, feel like I cannot relax, feel like I need to do something but don't know what to do with myself.

Nervous feeling in stomach or feeling sick and wreching, pain on left side around the back in the kidney area.

Sometimes freezing cold, cannot stop shaking , have cold sweats on hands and feet.

Had blood results (posted in another post) , have many symptoms of hypo but TSH , FT3 and FT4 are almost normal. Awaiting cortisol results.

Just wondering if anyone has had the same as above... as wondering if there is anything else going on



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Sorry, but why do you think your results are 'almost normal'? They're obviously not normal for you, because you still have symptoms. You FT3 is still a bit low.

There's no such thing as 'normal' when it comes to thyroid. Your results are in range, but just in range is not the same as optimal. And optimal is when your symptoms go away. Nothing to do with numbers on a lab sheet.

I think you need an increase is dose?. :)


Ref the normal, on another reply to one of my posts was mentioned euthyroid (normal). Totally agree and aware the results are not 'normal' for myself due to the symptoms.... which are really getting me down at the moment and seems to be going backwards especially with how the symptoms are affecting me... and was wondering if anyone else had the feeling sick and wreching , along with pain in kidney area... which I assume maybe the adrenal glands.... just want an end to all this


Then you need to optimise your thyroid hormones. You need an increase in dose.


I was on thyroxine for 14 years,with increasing hypo symptoms.My tests were always declared normal by my GP.I always got my print-outs.

Then in 2011,after prolonged stress,I crashed into a 2 year depression with severe anxiety.The GP only offered anti-depressants & CBT.

Every morning for 2 years,I wretched with anxiety.I always had butterflies in my stomach on waking,til mid-morning or later.

I started my recovery by researching on this site as much as I was able,given my brain fog,anxiety & depression.I was barely functioning brainwise.

My first step was a 24 hour cortisol test.

Fast forward FOUR YEARS.(2 years depression with severe anxiety was followed by 2 years chronic fatigue)I am now on T3 with NDT.

All my recovery so far is due to this forum.Not only my own posts & people's responses,but reading other people's & using the search box to read other people's advice & experiences.


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