Nature-throid without prescription

I'm new to this forum. I am trying to locate a reputable place to buy Nature throid without a prescription. I am in the US. My NP will not raise my dose and I know I am in need of 1 more grain. I have been dosing myself with one more grain in the afternoons and my temperature was finally normal!! Now, I am down to just one in the morning and my temperature is down to 95! Any help would be appreciated!

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  • Samicli,

    It's possible that there may be restrictions on shipping NatureThroid to US citizens without prescription but you may be able to import Thyroid-S or Thiroyd from Thailand.

  • Perhaps you can try Thyro Gold. It is a dietary desiccated thyroid product formulated and clinically tested by the late Dr. John C. Lowe. The site is now maintained by his widow. It is available without prescription. I can send you the link in a PM.

    I used it for a while, good product. Now trying to switch to just T3 to see if I have more benefits. He was one of the first to pioneer the T3 only treatment.

  • Am VERY interested in yr link for the Thyroid Gold, please send.

    I believe I am starting to get a problem with high BP due to generic Thyroxin meds.


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