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Youtube video of one woman's experience re a thyroid gland's dysfunction

Looking through where there are many good articles I came across this woman's experience. Plus the following one is also very informative.

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Hi shaws - I have just watched this and whilst my heart goes out to the lady I find myself getting increasingly angry. Alot of people coming across that video may ( wrongly) assume this lady is a minority. Nothing could be further than the truth...there are thousands if not millions of sufferers. We are made to run around in ever increasing circles searching desperately for something that will help us function somewhere near normal. In the meantime the medical profession basically sit back and do nothing.....except refer to their "ranges". This has been allowed to go on for years !!!!! Just when is it going to stop and when are these doctors, labs, health trusts going to be held to account. Sorry about the big RANT but I do feel strongly about this issue. 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈


You are definitely not the only person who cannot understand why we aren't listened to.

Before levo and blood tests were introduced in, I think, about the 50's, patients were diagnosed upon their clinical symptoms alone and had been for a long time. In 1892 one doctor cured one lady by giving her replacement thyroid hormones and that paved the way for NDT which was then prescribed - even on a trial basis.

You may already know of Dr Skinner (deceased) who was a one-man band trying to change the guidelines and he was brought before the GMC for treating patients and prescribing about six times I believe and was dismissed each time. It certainly wasn't his patients of whom 2,500 wrote testimonials of getting better under his care (how many on the BTA who aren't recovering on levothyroxine) and it was because he was willing to prescribe other than levothyroxine and that was his downfall as he died of a stroke.

Before that and I'll quote from his site:-Dr Skinner vigorously opposed certain aspects of the UK Guidelines at the time they were being formulated and lodged his ‘Document of Record concerning UK Guidelines for thyroid function tests’ in 2005 with all the Royal Colleges, National and Local Health Organisations, the British Medical Association and tried with the Society for Endocrinology who rejected it. He also wrote to Dr G H Beastall, Secretary, Guidelines Development Group, British Thyroid Foundation in 2005 to comment on the pitfalls in the proposed guidelines.

It is disappointing that Dr Skinner’s medical colleagues have been and still are behaving like bullies in a playground forming their gangs and stopping all others from engaging with doctors they have chosen to cast out of their inner circle. Sadly, they have neglected their duty in caring for these patients resulting in a serious shortfall in their medical care leading to unnecessary suffering and years of mental and physical ill health.

These Endocrinologists and General Practitioners have harassed Dr Skinner and doctors like him and instead of constructive scientific discussions have resorted to firing their guns from the shoulders of the General Medical Council and patients and their needs have been completely forgotten. It takes a great deal of courage and determination to persevere in the face of such adversity and Dr Skinner’s bravery and belief in doing the best for his patients brought respect and loyalty from all those who knew him.

This is borne out by numerous patients attending the General Medical Council every time Dr Skinner appeared before them and by more than 2500 testimonials from patients presented before the General Medical Council at his Hearings.

Quite a few doctors lost their licences for prescribing on symptoms alone.

I believe it is due to Big Pharma's promotion of levothyroxine, for which they must get millions/$ as they paid doctors (in USA) either 'in kind' to prescribe levo alone plus the blood tests of course. The Associations then followed suit by stating that only levo was to be prescribed instead of NDT. Excerpt:

Many endocrinologists talk of using the TSH and thyroid hormone levels to "fine tune" hypothyroid patients’ thyroid hormone dosages. Considering how much the hormone levels vary, however, it’s obvious that the concept of fine tuning is mistaken. For the sake of their patients’ health, endocrinologists should promptly abandon the notion. This is unlikely, though, due to financial inducements the endocrinology specialty receives from corporations that profit from doctors endlessly ordering the hormone levels to "fine tune" their patients dosages. Hopefully, though, you can use the scientific evidence to persuade your doctor to use a safer and more effective approach with you

This is a previous post with 59 responses. Nothing, to date, has changed so I assume the Endocrinology do not read research papers - ignore patients who state they are still very unwell on levo and it sounds quite barbaric to me not to attempt another thyroid hormone replacement other than levo for those suffering.


Thank you for your reply shaws . Since becoming a member on here I have come to know about Dr Skinner - what a hero he was taking on an establishment that refused to learn ! I couldn't open the link you sent about previous posts...when I tried it came up as " 502 bad gateway". ( Not sure what that means. ) .

I guess it all means we have to keep battling on with the system. Either that or start a revolt !!!!!☺☺☺☺😈


Thankfully, are at the forefront and if you wish you can become a member:-

I tried and opened all the links so I'll give the same link here and hope it opens. If it doesn't open again, I'll have another think :)

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Thank you.☺

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