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Feeling much better despite high TSH

I had a terrible first year on Levothyroxine, particularly the last six months. Eventually weaned myself off that and after a three week gap on nothing (when I felt a million times better) my endo put me on 5 mcg T3.

Have had four weeks on this now and have been feeling fine so was disappointed to have my latest blood test results yesterday which were:

TSH. 14.67

T4. 7.7

T3. 3.8

Am off to see the endo today and am frightened he will try and put me back on Levo. I felt really awful when on it even when my TSH was down under 2. Has anyone else had the same problem of feeling better when the readings are not within the range they should be?

Any comments helpful...

Many thanks

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Just 5mcg of T3 and nothing else? Is hte endo trying to set you up to fail? You need a dose increase.


5mcg T3 is roughly equivalent to 15mcg Levo (T4). You need a dose increase ASAP.


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