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TSH has come back perfect (mid range) and I'm seeing the Endo in 3 days....What shall I do?

Back in November I had been feeling all the symptoms of HYPO so my GP put me on Levo 25mcg as I was coming up "borderline" anyway.I felt much better on it but then she took me off it again as she was concerned i did not really need it. up until last week I was feeling all the symptoms again of hypo, though not as bad as originally. However, for the past week I feel pretty ok.... typical when I am seeing the Endo soon!

Also, my throat was really aching a few weeks ago as an additional symptom?!

I got my result back for TSH today and it is 1.19 Range is 0.35 - 4.5.

back in November my TSH was 2.3. so leaning more towards HYPO but still within range, but my T3 was only 4.1 (4.-8.3) and T4 11.1 (11-25) so both low end.

this was when I felt really poorly and so tired.

Started the levo 25mcg and felt better within a week!

my TSH was then 0.97 and T4 was 12.3 so both had improved.

in January my T4 was 12.5.

I was also put on a higher HRT patch as other GP thought my symptoms were more to do with me being peri-menopausal....

I am confused to say the least now, and yes I am currently feeling much better but what the hell shall I say to the Endo now? am I wasting his time?? any ideas why its got better?

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Your t4 is still at low end of the range so in my book you need a higher dose of thyroxine

have you had tests for





vit d3



all need to be optimum not just in range or you cannot correctly utilise the thyroxine no matter what your tsh says


The Thyroid Stimulating Hormone comes from the pituitary gland. These are a couple of links which may be helpful. The fact that you felt better with such a low dose of levo says to me that you must need medication. Reallyfedup has given very good advice.

Read the first question/answer on this link. This is how we should be treated. The modern method of treating us is keeping thousands unwell and/or undiagnosed.

Dr Toft in an article in Pulse Online states that levo should be given and the ideal range for most of us is:-

The appropriate dose of levothyroxine is that which restores euthyroidism and serum TSH to the lower part of the reference range – 0.2-0.5mU/l.

He goes on to say if patients still feel unwell they can have a small amount of T3 added.

You also need antibodies tested and iron.


Yes you definitely need an antibodies test. It would be typical of Hashimoto's thyroiditis to come and go a bit like this. I have antibodies and get the achey throat thing from time to time too.


so sometimes do you feel pretty much ok then for a few weeks? then you feel tired etc again? x


thanks for your replies. I had an antibodies test a few weeks ago.. not sure which one.. but came back 16.

I had iron, b12 etc all done too. and posted on here and everyone said it was all a tad low even though GP said fine so been taking B12 which maybe is helping?! I cant take any iron supplements. I am on a multi vit too.

I guess when I see him on Thursday I will just tell him all this - and write it all down plus a list of my symptoms. then let him work it out... hopefully


I've been posting these short videos about low thyroid symptoms. If you are having an autoimmune attack, the Levo may have slowed the attack and you felt better. Of course, this is a very complicated condition.


Thanks so much for this, its very interesting, wish all Dr's were as sensible about it as him!!


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