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T3 & Adrenals

I have moved a small 5mcg of my 10mcg T3 dose to mid-late afternoon. How long a gap do I need to leave before or after taking so I can have my Zinc and Mag. Am assuming it's OK to have stuff like VitC and B12. Can't say I feel any better adding T3 so far although my reason for splitting my 10mcg solely from bedtime into two doses was a trial for a particular reason.

Have been reading up and because of my high cortisol levels, T3 CAN in fact act as a stimulant to cortisol levels, so the last 3 days I have been trialing having 5mcg at bedtime with my Levo and slotting the other 5mcg late afternoons, when my levels normally start to subside.

I have noticed the last 3 mornings that my anxiety/nausea isn't quite as bad as it usually is........coincidence???? Can't say I feel any better for taking the dose in the afternoon though.

Been reading Dr Lam's site regarding adrenal fatigue, learning a lot and he has offered me a free 15min phone consultation if I wish one.

I can't work on everything that is going on with me at once and have to make something a priority and it seems my adrenals have to come at the top of the list because leaving them in their current state, nothing else will get fixed.

Not sure how long to give T3 a go before I decide it's not working for me. Been on it now since 30th June (albeit missed a couple of days due to overmedicating). I am currently awaiting a 24hr urine collection T4/T3 test from Genova which should at least give me an idea as to whether it's reaching the cells or not, as adrenal problems can prevent that from happening. Not due for another blood test yet for at least a couple of weeks to see what is going on there

Advice please

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Magnesium should be at least four hours away from thyroid hormone, either side. I'm not sure about zinc, but at least two hours. You can take vit C with your hormone - it might increase absorption. If the B12 is sublingual, you can take it any time. But the B complex - I trust you are not taking one! - must be two hours away.


Thank u honey




Your very helpful :)


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