Well I did it!!!!! - T3/Hashi's/Adrenals

Finally took my first dose of t3 last night!!!

For the last 3 weeks I had been alternating 100/125 Levo due to slightly low T4 and high TSH. The following results came back from Blue Horizon which I was surprised about because the test I did for them was a freebie because they are trialing the new spot test and wanted a comparison, so I didn't expect to get any results back so just took the test any old how, ie. 1.45pm after food and only about 12hrs after my meds the night before.

FT4 27.61 (12-22) - prev result 14.77 (7th June)

TSH 1.77 (0.27-4.20) - prev result 15.70 (7th June)

FT3 3.86 (3.1-6.8) - prev result 2.41 (7th June)

Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs H 410.2 <34 kIU/L - prev result 411.9 (7th June)

Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs H 272.4 <115 kU/L - prev result 260.3 (7th June)

I was surprised to see such a big drop in my TSH and also a high FT4. I ran the results over with Clutter and Goosey asking how accurate they would have been considering the time I had done the test.

Anyway, have dropped my Levo to 100mcg and added 5mcg T3 last night. Can't believe I finally took some T3.

As regards my adrenals I have to get the highs down which I strongly believe are giving me most of the anxiety and nausea as soon as I awake to late afternoon when the symptoms subside. Had been taking Holy Basil for a while but didn't feel it was helping so stopped...maybe I shouldn't have done that so starting it again.

Also haven't had a saliva test since March and have another one here to do but I keep putting it off because it involves getting up early (which is my worst time) and it also makes my day longer with the symptoms, which are debilitating enough :(

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  • I thought taking t3 at night would keep you awake? I took my first t3 this morning and my levothyroxine at bedtime as normal, but took 75mcg rather than my usual 100 mcg. Well, as near to 75mcg as I can using a pill cutter! I had some mixed advice on whether I should reduce levothyroxine or not but thought it best to be cautios. It will be interesting to see how we both do after starting the same time on roughly the same dose. I took 1/4 of a 25mcg t3 tablet, again, using a pill cutter.

    My cortisol was tested too high too and I was planning to buy some holy basil. Did you take it for long? If your thyroid improves on the t3 the cortisol should reduce I think, or at least the holy basil work more effectively. :-)

  • I take 1/4 tablet of T3 at night. It helps me sleep. My experience is not uncommon. But then you hear plenty of people saying the exact opposite to me - thyroid meds at night keep them awake.

    It's like so many things thyroid-related... Experiment, experiment, experiment because no two people are ever exactly the same. Experiments might fail but I've never heard of them killing anyone. (But don't take my word for it - always do your own research!)

  • I have done shed loads of research over the last few months but "hope" that the t3 might work is keeping me going

  • Sorry Jefner, I was replying to LtAngua's comment about T3 maybe keeping people awake. I got confused about whose thread it is. Hope I didn't annoy you.

  • no problemo honey xx

  • I started T3 on the 26th May 2016 and the first thing I noticed was an increase in body temperature. Usually my morning Temp was around 35.4 on average, now 36.5. I have new hair regrowth noticed by my hairdresser and my physio noticed a definite improvement in my muscles which are now responding to treatment. It is early days for me but I am hoping for further improvements. Please share what you experience...good or bad.

    At the moment I am under threat of being taken off T3 because my TSH is suppressed. However, Hillwoman provided some links to strong evidence so that I can fight my corner on Friday when I have my next endo appointment.

    My cortisol is very low in the morning 4 (range 8-25).

    Good luck with the T3, I hope like me you start to see improvements soon...all the best.

  • Thanks humanbean,

    Maybe if you take more it disturbs sleep? I'm going to take it at night with my levothyroxine and see how it goes.

  • I know that one of the (now deceased) stars of thyroid treatment and using T3 (Dr Lowe) took 150mcg T3 every night for many, many years. I don't know what time of night he took it. So some people cope with a high dose even at night time. (I wouldn't.)

    I would suggest trying the experiment when you don't have work or something important happening the next day just in case you have a sleepless night.

    Start with taking a small dose of T3 just before you turn your light out to go to sleep, don't take it any earlier than that. Good luck. :)

  • Apart from tonight, I have also been sleeping better since starting T3

  • Hi LtAngua52 It was only a tiny dose and didn't keep me awake. I normally sleep around 1-2am and slept through last time without waking up, even for a wee wee. I thought taking at bedtime initially might help in not stimulating my high cortisol levels as I suffer so badly from waking and throughout most of the day with severe anxiety and nausea. I have a pill cutter to and trying to get 4 equal size bits is a nightmare grrrrrrrr lol.

    I joined the Stop the Thyroid Madness adrenals and thyroid page and they are a godsend in help. One particular lady who was in the same place I currently am with severe depression and suicidal has taken me under her wing along with another member. She was as bad as I am, nearly put herself in front of a high speed train, took an overdose and self harmed because, all because of what we are going through. She has recovered now and has given me hope that I can too. It's worth joining the group as they are a hive of great info

  • Jefner That's good to hear that you have found someone who totally understands what you're going through, I'm sure you'll get great support from them :) .

    Also good to hear that taking your T3 at night didn't disturb your sleep T3. Just goes to show that one size doesn't fit all :) .

    Not sure which pill cutter you have but I've had great success with this little cheap one amazon.co.uk/Safe-Sound-Pil... . I got it from my local Rowland's Pharmacy. There is a V shape where you put the tablet and I find that when bringing the blade down a light touch is best, cuts through the tablet but doesn't crush it or make it crumble. Once cut in half, return one half to the V, round part of the tablet to the point of the V and again a light touch with the blade. Any powder just blow away to keep the bit where the tablet goes clean. I've not wasted any tablets yet. Hope that helps.

    I hope you start to feel better soon :) .

  • I got a pill cutter from boots. It's such an inconvenience though isn't it? Not really knowing if you have a 1/4 or not. The worst thing is cutting my levothyroxine to try and just take 75mcg. It may not be worth the hassle and I'll just keep it at 100mcg.

  • LtAngua52 If you want 75mcg per day, and you've only got 100mcg tablets, it would probably be easier to just cut them in half so you have some 50s (which will probably be a bit more accurate than trying to cut into quarters), then alternate 100/50 to average 75mcg. With levo alternating the dose like that wont cause any problems because of the long half life, in fact you could take the whole week's worth in one go, just take once a week if you wanted to.

  • Oh thanks for that seasidesusie, I'll do that. It will make life so much easier too.:-)

  • I'll definitely look at that group too, thank you. I hope the t3 helps you recover as much as your friend. I thought I read it can keep you awake, so I may start taking it at bedtime with my levothyroxine and see how it goes. I suppose that it may become a problem if the dose increases?

  • LtAngua52,

    T3 at bedtime helps some people sleep better. I've taken 40mcg T3 at bedtime without it disturbing my sleep. I currently split my T3 dose and take 10mcg at bedtime.

  • I'm going to try it tonight, sweet dreams :-)

  • LtAngua52

    How r u getting on?

  • So far no change, good or bad! I've only taken 1/4 of a tablet and am tempted to take 1/2 tomorrow and see what happens. I take t3 when I get up and my levothyroxine at bedtime. Has it done anything for you?

  • same here, on 5th night of 1/4 tablet with my Levo. I take both together. Clutter and Goosey advised me to up mine after a week

  • Will increase mine too in 3 days to 1/2 tablet. Good luck. :-)

  • Good luck to Jefner and LtAngua52 , hope the T3 works and you both start to feel better very soon x

  • Thank you pastille xx

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