Visited the Endocrinologist (finally)!

Am happy that I have managed to visit the chap who supposedly can help identify what's happening with my excrutiating symptoms I am suffering as a result of Hypothyroidism.

But reason for my posting is that looking at my blood forms yesterday, I came across one I have not seen before called "AIS". He requested 10 tests in total and I do already have an abbreviations list for what blood tests mean but this one I have not been able to find (even on Google) :D

SO is anyone here able to tell me what it is? I live in the UK so that may make a difference as to what it could mean

Thanks in advance for your help! Without this forum I would have never been able to force my GP to send me to the Endo in the first place!!!

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Snap! lol

I found this :

Don't know if that applies.

How can it apply? I am nearly 40 and I KNOW for definite that I have an X & Y chromosome (and everything in its rightful place) LOL!

This seems mad?! Now I am worried that my Endocrinologist is off his rocker :P

Thank you for your quick responses though guys - was a bit of a shock!

But having read a bit, it could be a possibility? We shall see what the results are hopefully in a week...

At least, he is ruling out things that may be the cause in some people. Sounds thorough.

I hope so Shaws - you never can tell and he didn't want to commit to anything however he did say that my levels of ESR and inflammation were not right which my GP should have checked out ::)

Ok, half of my results are back but some are still pending so hopefully (and I say hopefully) I shall be hearing soon as to what is going on :D watch this space....

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