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Hi everyone I have deteriorated by the day & I have just changed my Dr as he doesn't want to listen to my symptoms + insists there nothing to do with my under active in constant pain & my feet + legs are so swollen I'm really worried amongst alot more other symptoms. He had me on75mg of levo for over 12 months without sending for me to test again then when he finally did I was put on 100mg + just got worse. I've been on ndt what I bought myself + I've upped to 2 grain + 25mg of t3 but still got more symptoms + take all the vits recommend.i got a copy of the bloods + would be so grateful if anyone knows wot they mean. Thanks so much for your help in advance.T FT--- normal. Serum ,TSH level _0.42. free T,4_15.9. Full blood count _ just out of range. Can you please tell me what you need to see to of my copy cos im really confused looking at it + what it means thankso much

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When were those bloods taken? When you were still on levo, or since you've been on NDT and T3?

If it's latter, they don't tell us much. You really need an FT3 result to know if you've got enough of the active thyroid hormone T3 on board.

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Hi thanks for your help it was December 2015. But I think I was still on the 100mg levo.


If you are in the UK:

1. Get all your blood test results from you doctor as it is your legal right under the Data Protection Act. If challenged on why you want them state it is for my own records and it is my legal right under the Data Protection Act 1998. If they refuse to give them to you come back and start a new thread to get more detailed advice.

2. If none of the blood test results are since you have started taking NDT then you need to pay for private testing. Get yourself a blue horizon plus 11 test. More information link -


Thank you very much for your email + help. Do you know what results should have on a copy of bloods as I don't have any idea what to look for thanks again


The results relevant to thyroid and nutrient deficiencies are :


Free T4

Free T3

TPO Ab (antibodies)

Tg Ab (also antibodies)

Vitamin B12



Vitamin D

Also a Full Blood Count may be useful too. The components of a full blood count are listed at this link :


Hi thanks for your help and I will check my copy again now


When posting make sure you provide the ranges shown in brackets.


Thanks for your help


Thanks for your help and advice. Xx


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