High T4 bloods

High T4 bloods

Hi, I really need to ask some advice. I went to a private endo 2 weeks ago, and he did a really full blood panel (see photos). I was on 175mcg of Levo but as my T4 is above range he's advised lowering my Levo to 150mcg. Will my T3 be impacted (it's 4.9 range is 3.1 - 6.8)? I feel like he's just left me dangling. No advice on lifestyle changes, supplements or anything. He had said that he needed to discuss it but all I got was a copy of my results and a letter to my GP noting my frustration at my continued symptoms and a recommendation to reduce the Levo? Should I insist on a follow up appointment? Or should I wait 6-8 weeks for a re-test? I just thought I'd get better feedback for the cost of private referral. I've not done this before so am unsure of protocol. Thanks, Dervla

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  • You say Endo took a full blood panel, but was this taken on an fasting stomach and with a 24 hour gap between your last dose of levo and the test? Also there are no ranges stated on your copy of test.

  • Hi Shaws, thank you for looking at my post. The bloods were taken at 5pm (defo not fasting). The ranges on the test (not clear in the photo) were T4 12-22 and mine was 24.5; and the T3 range was 3.1-6.8 and my T3 was 4.9. I have reduced my Levo according to his instructions, but am a bit concerned that my T3 may then drop. Also, I feel a generic letter after the bloods is a bit of a let down - I thought he'd ask to see me again to discuss what I should do. Like I say, I've not gone private before and didn't know what to expect.

  • Blood tests should always be the earliest, fasting (you can drink water). If we have bloods drawn later in the day it may not be to our advantage as they may adjust our dose unnecessarily. The TSH drops throughout the day.

  • Hey Dervla

    Is this an endo from the keeper of the recommended endo list LouiseRoberts (click on the link to ask for it, if not ) or just some random dude / dudette ? Most endos specialise in diabetes and typically don't have much clue about we thyroidies.

    Your blood test should have been fasting, first thing in the morning and without your levo for 24 hours to get a proper result. The endo hasn't checked B12 Ferritin and folate all of which are just as important for absorption as Vit D - that's low, in any event.

    Bit of a jobsworth ? Sorry I know that's not what you want to hear but time and again we see people here who have done the 'right' thing, gone to see a 'specialist' and come away with no more clue how to solve their particular riddle.

    In short, because of all that, your blood test has all the usefulness of a bicycle to a fish and the endo needs flagging up to Louise ( just drop her an e mail with the details, don't post them on here ) because he's not been helpful :(

  • For a very high FT4 your FT3 is very low and will probably drop even further if you decrease. Can you get your VIT D, B 12, Folate and ferritin tested by your GP. I suspect some if not all will be low ( post them as again doctors think thatvin range they are fine but they need to be optimal) .

    I increased my conversion and my general health by getting these and keeping them improved but it doesn't happen overnight, may be 3 months or so

  • Thank you Silver Fox. My ferritin was good at 140 (almost top of normal); my B12 was 365 (normal range is 197-771) but could probably go higher. My VitD was 84 (range 50-200). Can't see Folate on it. Should I go back to the endo so quickly or schedule a follow up in 6 weeks? I'm going private so BUPA have paid so far.

  • This is a past post re the importance of B12 which we recommend it should be towards the upper level. Some ranges go up to 900 to 1,000.


  • Thank you so much fir replying - I really appreciate it :)

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