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Hashimotos and nodules


I have had hashimotos for 2 years or so and am currently taking 50mg Levo daily. I have been told before that I have a goitre and nodules but that nothing looked sinister. But recently I have been getting sore throats in the mornings and noticed lumps when I swallow and sometimes pain in the neck. I do often feel tightness and can't have anything tight around my neck without it feeling irritated. No one else can seem to see the lumps but me so am I just being silly? Is this something I should be worried about or just part of the Hashis? I don't really want to go back to my gp as everytime I go complaining of various things, they don't help me and make me feel like I'm wasting their time so I have given up with doctors for now unless it's something urgent!

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I would say it's all part of being hypo. You are probably under-medicated. Do you have copies of your labs?


Thyroid function test

Serum TSH level 2.62 mIU/L [0.34 - 5.6]

Serum free T4 level 10.90 pmol/L [7.5 - 21.1]

Biochemically Euthyroid results


Serum free triiodothyronine level 5.10 pmol/L [3.8 - 6.8]


Well, your TSH is still too high for someone on thyroid hormone replacement - and probably for anyone at all. So, you're still hypo. You are converting well, but you don't have much to convert. Your FT4 is too low.

50 mcg is just a starter dose. I think you definitely need an increase.


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