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Hashimotos hypothyroid


Having some strange symptoms lately. Head pressure and neck stiffness. Just not feeling right. Had lots of tests over the past year. MRI of both head and neck showing nothing but some arthritis in my neck. I do have Hashimotis/ hypothyroidism and take synthroid for that. My blood work is showing my numbers are off.

I am hoping that by getting the number right I will feel better. But these feelings are causing a lot of anxiety about thinking something is really wrong with me. Just looking for others that can relate.


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Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear you are feeling unwell.

If you post recent thyroid blood test results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) members will comment.

Glo1455 in reply to radd


Thanks. I know my TSH was at 14 which is very high for me. I am usuAlly 2 or 3. Not sure of the other numbers as I am not a home.

greygoose in reply to Glo1455

2 or 3 is too high for someone on thyroid hormone replacement. Most people feel better when the TSH is under one. It's not about getting the numbers right, anyway. There is no magic number at which you will automatically feel well. It's about increasing your thyroid hormone replacement until you feel well, no matter what the numbers are. So, what are you taking, and how much?

Glo1455 in reply to greygoose

I am taking synthroid and 137mg

greygoose in reply to Glo1455

When did you have your last increase in dose?

Hello Glo1455

I've recently had an uncomfortable neck and felt a bit wobbly. I was getting a bit worried about it as you are. Like you I have hashi's and hypothyroidism.

I went to my doctor, but also took myself off to the osteopath who said my neck muscles were very taut. He worked on my neck and within a couple of days my balance improved. Seems odd, but there must be some connection there.

It's early days, but I'll be going back again to make sure it continues to improve.

Hope you can get some help.

Glo1455 in reply to Anthea55

Hello Anthea 55

I have started pt also with my neck muscles being very tight as well. Doesn't seem to help much but I will keep on going. Thanks for your reply.

Anthea55 in reply to Glo1455

By 'pt' do you mean physiotherapy? I don't know where you are, but in the UK osteopathy is different.

I've been fortunate that I had a recommendation to an osteopath who seems to be very good and I prefer his treatment for my neck problem.

TSH of 14 is likely to make you feel very ill. Think of the medication as being the oil in an engine. If you don't put enough in,you seize up. You probably need a raise in dose and if that doesn't work then try NDT. Once diagnosed, your TSH should be 1 or less ideally. Doctors often think it's OK to be within range but ranges are broad.

Get a panoramic x ray of your teeth and find a good biological dentist!! asap!

Glo1455 in reply to vldoud

Why would I need to do that?

vldoud in reply to Glo1455

Do you have amalgams? root canals? wisdom teeth removed? Learn about why your body's immune system is on overload-mercury is HIGHLY toxic! We're all different, but at least consider this. Most dentists scoff at this because of their training and they're afraid of lawsuits. My ND works with a biological dentist to determine priority the compatible materials via muscle testing and blood tests. healingteethnaturally.com/d...

Here's website of my dentist here in the states: soundhealthdentist.com/educ...

I have been dizzy with a feeling of pressure in my ears, a headache, tinnitus and random shooting pains in my head for several months now. I have Hashi's and feel rubbish a lot of the time too with fatigue, aches and pains and brain fog. My blood tests are within normal range according to my GP but the lovely well informed people on here say I need b12 iron and an increase in my Levo. GP has referred me to a rheumatologist. No Levo increase.

Has also given me ante dizzy tablets and ante depressants. Haven't taken any of either of them.

Have arranged some counselling and trying to learn meditation. Am also taking b12 and iron plus selenium, b complex and vit c

The feeling in my head is horrible and sometimes seems to get suddenly worse, like flicking a switch. Hoping it will go soon. Have also had the Epley manoeuvre but don't think it has done anything!

I feel your pain !

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