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Need help on a repeat purchase of t3 - update on my thyroid journey

Dear all,

I just thought I would let you all know how I am doing as its been a while since my last post.

Now on 100mcg of Levo and 7.5mcg of liothyronine all taken once daily in the morning atleast two hours before breakfast!

After years of constipation and operations for fissures and hemmorhoids and diagnosis of IBS - NOW going daily and t3 was the missing factor!!!

Sleep still not great but having better nights now and feel it's improving - tried taking thyroid meds at night which eventually after some success at the start made things worse so went back to mornings! Had more success with supplements like magnesium and seriphos at night for high cortisol and also do take amitrypytyline but a very small

Dose such as 10mcg but have nights off now and feel I'm sleeping better. Might try lowering t4 slightly as I find sleep

Is better when I have less t4 in my system - will update again shortly

Mood and energy fantastic back to being a fun energetic mum!!

Last labs are tsh 1.5 free t4 17.9 and free t3 4.9 ( this was on 100mcg Levo and 5mcg t3) I've since raised t3 to 7.5 which has been even better for me and helped the Bowles tremendously been on that for about a month now!! Will test again soon and think I wil see my freet3 in the 5,s which is where i think it needs to be for me)

My advice to anyone is t3 dosing should be done slowly with patience and some sensible blood testing and symptom observation!!! There is hope guys!! I have truly felt dreadful over the years

Thanks to all of u that helped me this forum has been a godsend

Anyway I am about to order my 5mcg liothyronine tabs again which is very expensive but thought to save some pennies I would Order the 25mcg tabs and split into for which would give me 6.25mcg rather than the normal 7.5mcg I take? Will this make a huge difference and are the 25mcg easy to split into four?

If anyone can let me know it would be greatly appreciated and thanks!!!

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Tiromel 25mcg are large tablets and easily quartered with a pillcutter. Uni-Pharma are smaller but you should be able to quarter them although the quarters may be a little uneven.


Thanks clutter - will the tiromel be just as good as the perrigo brand? And I know you will have to be PM me this but where do you buy from? Mine has cost me a fortune but I was just starting out and now want to find something that doesn't cost the earth!! Thank you and hope all is well with you x



Suck it and see I'm afraid. Different fillers can affect how well people do on different brands.


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