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Via Lorraine Cleaver on twitter! A sad and unnecessary tale!

Found this on Twitter this morning. Hughes Syndrome/APS - Sticky BLood, an autoimmune blood clotting disorder often frequently missed or dismissed by the medical profession, people who have this condition, are very likely to have a Thyroid condition also. I have this myself with various other disorders, the history is often of migraines, vertigo, unexplained symptoms and in young people miscarriages and a reaction often fatally to the contraceptive pill: Some will have episodes of a red lacy like rash called Livedo Reticularis which can come and go, other family members may have a history of early heart attacks and strokes and other autoimmune diseases. Easy to do the blood tests are available, and the stubborn migraines often respond very well to Aspirin or in worse cases anticoagulation:

The brain can be deeply affected by sticky blood and it can bring on symptoms of mania! ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...

Awareness is being raised, if you recognise any of these symptoms in yourself or your relatives, you know who to ask!

APsnotFab and I administrate a forum on here for Sticky Blood - Hughes Syndrome - we encourage our members to join Thyroid UK for the clear and supportive advice given on here and by the charity itself.



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That is so sad!


It is but not untypical! This condition does affect men also!



How many people are undiagnosed and suffering. I hope something good comes out of this report.


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