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Vitamin D significantly reduces asthma attacks (research)

Latest research in:

The amount of Vit D given was 25-50 micrograms per day.

I'm amused they say "Going to see your GP is a key part of the message we want to give - I don't think it would be appropriate to just start taking vitamin D without knowing whether you have vitamin D deficiency or not and we don't yet know what the threshold of vitamin D is below which you will have a benefit."

That would help if GPs actually knew anything about Vit D apart from getting rickets if you're deficient! But an interesting read all the same.

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I like the way the article says ask a pharmacist.

No pharmacist is going to give you an answer if you have asthma as it's unethical for them to do so and as they also want to keep their own licence they will tell you to see a doctor.


So a bit of a futile circle going on there, then!

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