Autism linked to vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy, researchers find

In some ways you might regard this as off-topic - and it isn't hard to accept that. However, the association of low vitamin D with thyroid issues, the fact that there have been many questions about thyroid and autism, and that we see quite a few women who are pregnant, or hoping to become pregnant, all add up to reason enough. We also see a few posts mentioning those affected by autism.

Autism linked to vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy, researchers find

Study finds pregnant women with low vitamin D levels at 20 weeks more likely to have a child with autistic traits

The important role vitamin D plays in early life is back in the spotlight after Australian researchers noticed a link between a deficiency during pregnancy and autism.

The study found pregnant women with low vitamin D levels at 20 weeks’ gestation were more likely to have a child with autistic traits by the age of six.

The finding has led to calls for the widespread use of vitamin D supplements during pregnancy, just as taking folate has reduced the incidence of spina bifida in the community.

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  • Thanks for this. Correlations have been found between thyroid disease and autism, and have been discussed and referenced on this forum. There is almost certainly no single condition of autism... it is likely a number of conditions with different causes, lumped under a single highly subjective diagnosis.

    But it is well known that nutrient deficiencies in tge womb can lead to very serious consequences for the child, D being one, iron and iodine and B vitamins being more. Undiagnosed and untreated hypothyroidism especially must therefore be a risk factor for babies. I believe that we need to keep a watchful eye on our daughters, and those who can afford it should check nutrient levels when considering pregnancy.

  • I was diagnosed with profound hypothyroidism six months after giving birth; my son was diagnosed with autism by the age of 2 and a half. I have always worried there is a connection.

  • When I post papers like this I am always concerned that anyone involved might find them hard to take one way or another.

    If you had known that you were severely hypo, and had known the potential impact, and had refused offered treatment, then perhaps you'd have something to worry about. As it is, things are as they are, your worry seems misplaced and unnecessary (except in the ordinary way of worry about offspring). My words won't stop your worry, that would be too much to hope, but think about it.

  • Don't worry, I don't let it bother me too much as with autism there are so many unknowns. I also wonder if it is because I ate this or drank that or was being bullied at work! I think it is important to get the possible connections out there, and in the public and doctor's consciousness, so keep it up:)

  • Interesting thanks. I have a 24 year old with Autism. He has come a long way. Attending college and doing well. But not social at all....... sometimes wonder if thats not really a problem LOL....Anyway thanks for the info.....

  • I think you might be right about that.. maybe its just a problem for other people.

  • Thats so true makes them uncomfortable...... My husband and daughter have a touch as well LOL creative writers.....just seem to be creative people in general in this house........I have a touch of the creative .......but a bit of being a little more social ........but as I get older.......LOL xoxo Susita

  • Just keep on being creative...and happy! Best wishes.

  • Thanks so much for being you! Sometimes you never know who's heart you can touch xoxoxoxoxo

  • This is very interesting. I have a son with Asperger's who is now 19. Currently have a "struggling thyroid" but have had health problems for years so suspect thyroid issues for the same period. Am now on vit d supplements but as someone with v fair skin and who has always worn high factor suncream and avoided the sun, probably should have been on them for most of my life! I was also anaemic during pregnancy and am currently on iron tablets due to recently identified low ferritin. Possibly not related as sure I have autism in the family but interesting all the same.

  • It really is interesting. I am fair and my I was always trying to cover them up....and they both have low D and take supplements......And I am on meds as of like 2 years or so.......... who knows at this point it all go's fast LOL....... started late 50's........anyway all the best to you xoxo Susita

  • Alec got the Asperger's diagnosis as well. But now here in the US they basically call it Autism. Like a big umbrella! xo

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