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Feeling sorry for myself

Hi again (not her again!)

Only diagnosed with hypothyroidism within last 2 months so prescribed 100mcg levo due to very high tsh levels on first blood test and awaiting results of 2nd lot of tests. I have been busy getting to grips with a change of diet to gluten free and low and behold have been knocked for six by a seemingly innocuous bug .

Started with a shoe throat and has led to the most horrendous upper respiratory infection so bad that I am off sick (again :( ) and coughing so much I am vomiting .

Now ordinarily I would just let it take its course but I have had this for 3 weeks now and am struggling to shift it .i am eating well ,paying particular attention to optimum vitamin/nutrient intake ,resting well(apart from this bloody bug depriving me of sleep ) and exercising as well as I can with this bug (I walk 3 or 4 miles daily with the dog )

I am so bloody disappointed and a little depressed because I feel shocking .

This may seem like a silly question but with autoimmune disease is one prone to infections running wild and being difficult to fight ?



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Oh dear Lisylou that's unfortunate. Rotten timing :(

Has your GP given you anything? Is it a bacterial infection and you can have antibiotics? Are you coughing up any gunk? If so, ask for a sputum pot and take a sample in to the surgery for testing. I say this because I have a lung disease and have been having a lot of infections. If they can identify what the bug is from culturing a sample then they can give the right antibiotics to target it specifically.

Someone I know where I live had great difficulty figuring off a horrible big earlier this year, it took 12 weeks altogether.

It might be an idea to build up your immune system. Take lots of Vit C. Garlic is good, I take the liquid form as it's supposed to be the best absorbed, I take AlliMed liquid allicin.


Thanks seasidesusie ,I had assumed it was a virus that's doing the rounds at this time of year(there has been a lot of people with it locally) and think that as it's only the usual green gunk there's nothing a doc can do.its just the length of time and way it's floored me that is the concern.

I take loads of vit c and zinc (soluble) and with fresh fruit and veg.




Green gunk is a sign of either viral or bacterial infection. If it is bacterial then antibiotics will help. Take a sample to be tested. If it's bacterial it will identify which one and the right antibiotic given.


Thanks seasidesusie



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