Please can someone answer me - I am sorry and want to help myself

Can I say to everyone that I have not done myself any favours by stopping my medication. I am now working with my GP to correct this tomorrow. I will post the outcome of it afterwards.

Can I start over on here again, please? I don't want to leave and I now really want to help myself this time.

I am very sorry and I do want your help guys. Really, I do.


Jo xxx

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  • Oh Jo you sound so sad, i don't know much about adrenals and can't really answer that question but i would like to assure you that no one will doubt that you do take on any advice given on here.

    Just wanted to say don't give up hope and a big hug from me things will get better.

    Martine x

  • Thank you Martine. :)

    I just want to say to everyone concerned that I am so sorry. I just want them to know that I am truly sorry. Hugs back.

    Jo xxx

  • Hi

    You don't have to say sorry there's nothing to be sorry for we all want answers about our illness and if we can't get them from our GPs or Endos then we can try and get it from here this is a very informative site and I for one and I am sure others are glad it's here.

    Glad you decided to stay

  • Hi mummytina, thanks for your reply.

    I feel better now since this question was posted. :)

    Jo xxx

  • Hi Joe, You really have nothing to be sorry for....i dont believe anyone sits on here as judge and jury. Its not about right or wrong its what works for you at the time and with what you are comfortable with.

    Sometimes we might write a post and then wish we hadent for whatever reason...thats just how it is as we are dealing with how we feel at any given moment and an hour later we might feel totally different...but thats ok ...

    You make some valuable points in your posts, how your are feeling and with difficulties that you are facing..thats the nature of this illness, there are no wrongs and rights just our own personal expereinces. Yours are every bit as valuable as the next person. and welcome to express how you feel.

  • Hi Christine, thanks for your reply.

    I just wish there was some way of knowing that the people concerned have forgiven me. :(

    Jo xxx

  • nothing to forgive you for !!!!

  • Maybe one thing that people with this illness have in common i beleive is that we are caring people..illness makes you re-evaluate things and look at the positives in life.

    There truly is nothing to forgive...and what you really are saying is that you care, and that you dont want to look and feel bad in front of people that matter to you. And even though you dont know people persoanlly on here they matter to you because they offer you a place of safety where you can be yourself and express your feelings.

    Nothinhs changed you can still do that....

  • That reply means a lot to me. I know that the way I'm wording my response doesn't look or sound like it does, but it does mean a lot to me. Really.

    Jo xxx

  • Nobody needs to forgive you,everyone understands what you are going through. I think people can get frustrated but this is the Internet and it's not always easy to get your point across especially when tone of voice can't be included. We all are here for the same reason:to help,support one another,share knowledge and to learn more about the thyroid. Take it one day at a time, try to relax,take your meds and chill! We're all grown ups, nobody is here to upset you or make you feel bad.

    A big hug


  • Hi Chihiro, thanks for your reply.

    I just want to vent everything that's bothering me right now but I'm worried about feeling, looking or sounding really silly! I'm not a habitual ranter, unfortunately.

    Jo xxx

  • Hi jo I cant I am afraid answer or help with medical questions very little being newly diagnosed but just wanted to send you a hug x

  • Hi P1pp1ns, thanks for your reply.

    I feel much better now.

    Hugs back too. :)

    Jo xxx

  • Oh I feel so sorry for you .I don't know the full story as I've not been on here a lot recently because of bereavement and being so unwell but whatever it is that's upsetting you don't worry .We all vent at some point's depression and worry and of course being unwell....cheer up big deep breath and jump back in again ...big hugs and love to you xxx.


    .p's good luck at doctors

  • Hi Lola, thanks for your reply.

    I am so sorry that you've been unwell and suffered bereavement. I hope you feel better soon.

    Yes, I've cheered up loads now since this post and have jumped back in again. :)

    Big hugs and love back. :) Will let you all know how I get on at the doctors today.

    Jo xxx

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