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Feeling sorry for myself

I was asked to come and discuss latest blood results at GP today. My thyroxine has been increased from 75 to 100 mg as I was under medicated. My uric acid is still high so been put on medication for gout . I'm female and 43 ! Also been referred to arthritis clinic and went for X-ray on my hands and feet today. I'm feeling hot all the time but no one knows why but maybe because I'm inflamed constantly says the gp. Gp says it's not menopause just yet.

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Can you post those current lab results? Did you have nutrient levels tested as well? So that's Ferritin, folate, B12 and Vit D. Have you tried going GF as was suggested in your last post?


Hi! Interesting to see your comment on uric acid & gout. I'm on Levo... very long term but struggling the last year or two & researching options.

Have occasional Gout flares & short-term medication. Apart from avoiding a few foods have tracked down that I seem to get attacked when I forget to keep my hydration levels up high. Have you got that covered?


I drink so much water my kids looked up whether I could actually drink too much. The GP tested for diabetes each time I have blood test but that's always negative. My father has gout and a problem with his lipids like me so maybe it's just hereditary.


Thanks for replying & boy do I sympathise with your predicaments. Gout attacks can be terrifyingly painful! My last one stretched from the 2nd joints in my r hand fingers, down the hand into the wrist and was finally seen off shortly after reaching the elbow. I couldn't even sleep in my bed for 3days!!! Joined any Gout groups?


Serum TSH level 4.77miu/L (0.27-4.2)

Serum free T4 level 13.5pmol/L(12.0-22.0)

Serum ferritin level 70ng/mL (13-150 ng/mL)

Serum folate level >20.0ng/mL (3.9-26.8)

Serum vitamin B12 level 294pg/mL(197.0-771.0)

Serum 25-hydroxy Vit D3 level Not assayed.

Total white count 13.5 10*9/L (4.0-11.0)

Red blood cell count 5.07 10*12/L (3.8-4.8)

Mean cell haemoglobin level 26.2pg (27.0-34.0)

Red blood cell distribution width 16.6 (10.0-15.0)

Neutrophil count 9.4 10*9/L (2.0-7.5)

I had repeat bloods done because I started to feel extremely tired again after a few weeks of feeling ok. I realised about 2 weeks ago that I should be taking my ferrous sulphate 3 times a day rather than once. My hands feel hot, swollen and aching all the time. I'm dreading my period coming at the end of the week because of the extremely heavy blood loss I'm getting. Go putme on some tablets I forget the name to ease this. I take them for 5 days between 18-23 day of cycle, every third cycle. This is first time I've taken them so hopefully it will help. I have never drunk , I don't eat the foods excessively associated with gout. I am overweight. I have had a very stressful 5 years and my health has now declined. I know none of this will kill me but I just seem to be physically falling apart. At the moment I'm so itchy .hot swollen and a bit sorry for myself. I look after 2 disabled teenagers I'm a single parent. I have no family or friends who live nearby. If I speak to my family (dad or one of my brothers) they don't want to know they are very unsupportive. I wish I could speak to my mum but she has dementia and is in a care home on the other side of the country. My doctor is the only one who has any understanding and doesn't think I'm crazy or a hypochondriac, and of course the people on here I'm hoping have some understanding. Sorry for going on a bit.😢


No not yet. I feel sorry for you suffering like that. What foods do you avoid ? I don't eat offal ever. Rarely eat prawns. I don't drink, rarely have fizzy. I do eat meat and carbs though but not anymore than a normal person.


Your B12 looks low. It may be worth looking in to supplementing.

I used to get dreadful hot sweats at night & B12 seems to have sorted them out.


Thanks I am going to start supplementing when I get paid. Can't afford them till then.

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It's so expensive having to take all these extras. I hope they have a positive effect when you start taking them.


I would take one supplement to start off with and if no side affects after two weeks then add another. Otherwise if you start off with many and find a problem it's difficult to say which it is. It will also spread the cost a little as well.


Thanks have just ordered B12 only

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