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Thyroid results?????

Finally had appointment with gp following a blood test. Phoned my GP receptionist said results were satisfactory:-/ when I asked her for the reading she said I can't give them to you. So I decided to phone again with the hope of getting the organ grinder not the monkey;-) yeah that was a result!!!!!!!! When I asked him what they were he said last year was 3.08 now this week 3.89. Plus I weigh 2 stone heavier he has increased my dose from 50 mcg to 125 mcg fingers crossed for some improvement????? Anyone know if this is right?

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I think to go from 50mcg straight to 125mcg is too high. You should go up in increments by 25mg till you feel well and symptoms have subsided. You could increase every 4 weeks.

You don't want to have palpitations etc. It is better to go gradually.

I am glad he has increased.


It sounds like your doctor knows what he is doing. You are clearly under-replaced. Hopefully with this increase you will start feeling better in a few weeks. You may want to increase more slowly though. Perhaps up to 100mcg for 4-6 weeks then to 125mcg.

Ideally, on levothyroxine (I'm presuming that is what you are taking), you can expect your TSH to get to below 1 before you feel better. Some people are fine with it a little higher but most need it to be lower. TSH (the test you had) increases when your thyroid is underactive and decreases when you get to a high enough dose of thyroxine.

If you find that you still don't feel well once on a dose that reduces your TSH to below 1, it might be a good idea to get the following tests;

serum iron

ferritin (stored iron)

vitamin B12


vitamin D

These are very common deficiencies in people with hypothyroidism and can prevent us from feeling well even when on the correct dose of thyroxine. Don't just accept the NHS ranges for these. Please post them on here so we can advise whether you may benefit from supplements.

I hope you feel an improvement soon :)

Carolyn x


Thanks both I think I will try this yes on levythyroxine have been for two years!


Hi First you need to go into Gp`s for results, receptionist not allowed to give over the phone, any way often get it wrong. Have a print out with ranges.You need to have TSH, T4 and Free T3 test, minimum to get the correct results for treatment. There are alternatives, if gP difficult.You may only ned treatment because of T4 and FT3, ie tSH can be OK, mine was.low,

Best wishes,


Nit sure if you know, to reply to a post, so the person knows, click on "reply to this" under that post.


No. 7 on the list might help you decide.


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