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Further Advise please on low iron symptoms

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GP says iron ferritin (from blood test) is low (I had a 32 days bleed from a colcoscopy procedure on my cervix to remove abnormal cells that made me have like a very heavy period for so long and also had an infection from the procedure, finally the bleeding stopped just over a week ago) my iron ferritin on blood test was shown as 10 u/gl , range 10-291.00 u/gl. GP put me on ferrous fumurate 220 mg 1 tablet three times a day , and I have taken them for 1 week so far the iron tablets.

With this kind of low iron of mine is it possible to have symptoms of fatigue, tired all the time even though I slept and light headeness and a space out feeling?

13 Replies
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You had lots of great replies from Saya85 in your previous thread.

Low ferritin will cause fatigue.

The ferrous fumarate tablets may take months to raise your level so you probably wont feel much different after taking them for only 1 week.

You can help raise your level by eating liver regularly, maximum 200g per week due to it's high Vit A content, also liver pate, black pudding, and including lots of iron rich foods in your diet apjcn.nhri.org.tw/server/in...

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Yes I had some lovely replies but I for some reason I can't access my previous posts! So I can't see some of the answers now :( x

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Thank you for your further advice , I know it's going to take some time just hoping someone may share there experience with it I have been really struggling x

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Previous post


If you click on your user name it will take you to your profile page, you can then access all your previous posts from there.

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Thank you I can see the replies now! I remember them now x

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You're welcome :)

I realise that you are new to the forum, it takes a while to get used to everything.

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Yes I have only been on a few days :) it takes awhile to get use to it and posting etc and how to access your previous posts 😂 x

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Hi again

Hope you were able to manage the previous post now.

Sometimes it can be a lot to take in /remember

But of course simple answer is yes. I also had a friend who became so anaemic she developed a craving for eating crushed ice! Which apparently some people do? Not heard it myself though

Turns out she had donated blood too frequently for her a few months prior to these symptoms which caused her anaemia.

So yes any sigbificabt blood loss would lead to anaemia and cause your symptoms.

A Quick Google search will show you all the common symptoms but excessive fatigue, lightheadedness/spaced out feeling, breathing issues and pale skin and hair falling out are the most common signs.

Iron anaemia meas you're not getting enough oxygen transported via your blood cells so you could liken it to being in a room with limited air flow and oxygen deprivation ..... slowly you feel sleepy /breathless / lightheadedness.

Hope that makes sense

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Thank you , that does make sense. Just want to feel better haha. And yes I have been able to access the posts now I'm new to tris :) x

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Yes, fatigue, breathlessness, dizziness, extreme tiredness, heart arrhythmia, palpitations, difficulty in thinking, confusion, and even chest pain would be absolutely typical of severe iron deficiency with or without anaemia. If it was caused by blood loss then the problem would be even worse because your body has to make up the loss of blood as well as make up for the loss of iron.

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Thank you human bean I remember you commented on my last post. That's everything I'm feeling! Low iron (without anaemia as of yet) yeah unfortunately blood loss I've had lots of it :( just feel like I should be better 3 weeks after and even though I only stopped bleeding just over a week ago and then I found out I was iron deficient from the drs, the side effects are easing I would say more so than 3 weeks ago but it's still there but I've only been on the ferrous fumurate just over a week x

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Unfortunately, replacing lost blood and iron can be a slow process. However, if you had ample iron and ferritin before your colposcopy then clearly you can absorb it from your food, which is good news. It suggests that you can absorb iron reasonably well, and your supplements should be successful.

If you want to check out your own iron levels you might find these links helpful :






You can always post results and reference ranges and ask for help with them in a new post.

I hope you feel better soon. :)

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Yeah, I didn't know my iron before hand didn't even think about it! The only thing I had was when I wa pregnant 9 years ago I had anaemia during pregnancy and they gave me iron tablets but I couldn't stop having sickness during pregnancy eventually it did rectify after I was able to eat meat and a varied diet and that seem to bump my iron up eventually ...

Yes from your advice I'll order the iron check from medichecks and when I get results I'll post them on a new post to ask for help x

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