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My NHS GP gives me all of my medicine for hashis, sle, sjorgrens and addisons and I'm very lucky because with all this I normally feel ok unless in a flare. I am provided with 20mcg of T3 twice a day as T4 made me feel awful. I know how expensive it is as I originally went to a private endo and therefore had to pay for it myself.

I've just had a call from GP surgery and the want me in for blood tests and then a medicine review ASAP. I'm sure they are going to look only at TSH and tell me I can't have T3 any more. I know that is very pessemistic of me...but I've read about this happening to others on this site. So that I can be prepared can somebody please let me know where I can buy it with or without a prescription. I felt so awful without it.

Thank you very much. Lx

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Sometimes a review is just an opportunity to check that the meds being prescribed are working and the patient is taking them.

Remember to arrange your blood draw early in the morning when TSH is highest and fast (water only) as TSH drops after eating and drinking. Take T3 after the blood draw.


Thank you Clutter. The earliest they can do is 10am, so I won't take anything before that.


If your worse fears are realised and the GP starts discussing T4, just state very politely how ill you were on this, and now you are well on T3. He may push a bit, but he cannot actually stop the T3 without your agreeing. If he still is pushing for T4, tell him you will take it up with the local health authority. Remind him of his duty of care and "to do no harm". Just say NO to any changes.

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