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Test result interpretation please


I had my right lobe and isthmus removed in March due to an inconclusive FNA on a 4cm nodule . It was decided that the nodule was caused by Hashimotos, altho I wasn't particularly aware of any symptoms ( I thought they were menopausal).

My post lobectomy TSH level was within range but my blood test today ( in France so got the results online within 2 hours!) show TSH of 8,03 mUI/l and T4 of 9.1 pg/ml.

Should I be taking some medication? Feel a bit tired and my thyroid feels a bit achey.


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I think you should, your TSH is high. Difficult to say anything about the FT4, though, without the range. :)


The range for the T4 was 7.2-17 if that's what you mean?

Is it normal for the thyroid to fell a bit achey?


That's the one! That's the range. And you need to give the ranges every time you post your thyroid lab results, because the numbers on their own are meaningless.

So, you are pretty hypo, and should be on medication. Did you not have your FT3 tested? Ask for it next time, they're usually pretty good about testing it in France - even if they don't understand what it means! lol

Also ask for your anitbodies (anti-corps) - TPOab and TgAB - to be tested. And your vit d, vit B12, folate and ferritin. Hypos usually have low nutrients, and they need to be optimal.

No, it is not normal for the thyroid to be achey. It's probably a bit inflammed.


Thanks Greygoose.

Ferritin etc all OK and I just got given a jumbo 6 month dose of Vit D ( it's normal protocol for post menopausal women here!)

Back to the UK tomorrow so at least armed with a bit more info than I could expect in the UK. FT3 not done. Looks like I'm off to the UK docs next week then. I'll take some ibuprofen for the inflammation. Shame I can't stay longer in France to get it sorted out here- altho they can be a bit too interventionist sometimes.

Really appreciate your input. Thank you!


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