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6 days after starting NDT

6 days in and I have been feeling really well! But I have felt very tired today - wondering if that's a result of the Levo now leaving my system?! Have been taking 30mgs Thiroyd in the morning and another 30mgs around 6 hours later, so think I may increase it tomorrow to 60mgs am and 30mgs 6 hours later. Anyone else had similar issues?

No obvious or apparent negative side effects from the Thiroyd which is a big positive!

Saw a different GP yesterday (to discuss my most recent blood results which apparently meant I was over replaced - ha, ha) and although she admitted to knowing very little about NDT, appeared supportive with my decision to try it 😀

I hope that everyone is well?

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Hi may I ask you if do you have hashimotos? I tried ntd but it wasnt very well.. I am on levo plus t3 but I am not doing so great lately, I will be doing blood work and see what is going on.... ☺



That's something that I don't know!!!! I asked my GP recently if I have ever had Hashimotos diagnosed, but there is nothing in my records! My diagnosis was made 32 years ago though! However, I do have a very strong family history of auto-immune disease, so it's very likely.

Sorry to hear that you are not doing so great ☹️ Which NDT did you try? Did you feel ill on it immediately or was it some time after starting it?

Best wishes x


I didnt know too at my first diagnosis but when I started levo three months later I started to feel really ill so they did blood tests and the tpo were high more than 1500 so I was wondering all the time if I had this before the levo or if it was later due to the levo.. I guess probably I had it since long time ago.. I tried erfa but a quarter of 30 mg pill and going up gradually. Since the first quarter I was really hyper, bad palpitations, tired and my worst problem is that all thyroid medication makes me to have dizinness all the time... With levo only was the worst know a little better.. I hope your journey with ntd will be great!


Originally you will have felt well because of the T3 in NDT that your body desperately craved. Now your body needs more. You are right to raise to 60 mcg in the morning and 30 in the pm, and to increase again when this happens. Stop at 2-3 grains (60mcg is 1 grain approx) and get tested.

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