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Slow progress ,now planning for private appointment if you can help again please ?

hi all sorry to post again just been stressed out finding my own local GP which is now sorted . However I really want to sit down with someone now I've finished Dr.Peatfields book and discuss the whole picture as I cannot believe how much there is to see to,I've been looking for that tablet or dosage to get sorted and the more I read about adrenals the more I realise from the offset many moons ago I was thrown a box by my GP and the rest is history. Bizarrely we have visitors at home for the weekend and they cannot believe how I just sleep whilst looking normal and talkng as if it were a comedy act and they were telling others in the christening about me quite shocked.

I've been intouch with

Dr.l Chapman MBBS MRCGP MSc ( nutrimed ) centre of integrated medicine London

Dr. Bernard Willis MBChb London Harley street clinic

Dr. M wetzler MBBS DCH DRCOG the hill medical centre London

Dr . Charles Forsyth MBBS FFHom London

Anyone have any experience with any of these? I haven't got a clue what the letters after their names stand for and would appreciate any comments


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Google "MBBS", "MRCGP" etc. to see what the qualifications are.

Have you considered making an appointment to see Dr. Peatfield?


I was told dr Peatfield is unwell so hence looking elsewhere


I saw Dr Wetzler, I found him very good, helpful and knowledgable. Also his charges were less than many othersd

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