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Like alot of people on here iv been struggling with chronic fatigue, pain and feeling unwell with an underactive thyroid as well as other medical conditions.

My 16 year old son has been diagnosed with severe anxiety and aspergs syndrome, he is afraid to go out and spends 24/7 in his bedroom. He is so vulnerable and was offered CBT therapy, he attended a few sessions with me taking him but fear of going took over and he was taken off the sessions as people who did not show motivation in wanting support and attend the sessions were discharged. I feel that the anxiety my son feels is over whelming and needs the suport even more.

I got him to see the doctor this week with my grown up daughter and the gp is going to make a referral to the NHS Autistic society for in her words a proper diagnosis as the voluntary agency that made his inital diagnosis of aspergs does not explain fully how they came to that conclusion. At no time did the doctor offer treatment for my sons anxiety, OCD, depression and fear of leaviing the house.

I really dont know what to do next as my own anxiety levels explode when having to speak to the medical profession. I feel so helpless that my son is isolated.

How do i try to get the best hekp i can for my son while keeping my sanity.


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So sorry to hear of your sons struggle. It must be so worrying for you. Has he had his thyroid tested fully ? Am sure with your watchful eye it has been done - so it's just a thought on my part. I know that many of the symptoms you mention can be connected.

How is his gut health ? I know - a difficult question. The book by Dr Natasha Campbell- McBride - Gut and Psychology Syndrome is an excellent read. She treated her son with Autism.

Even if his Thyroid tests are in range it may be worth seeing someone privately if possible - someone who may look outside the box at the bigger picture. Best to look for the underlying cause rather than treat the symptoms with drugs that may well mask the reality.

Do hope things soon improve.....

I supposedly have autism as well. My distrust of psychiatry informs me that it could've well been the case that my endocrine issues started far earlier than were diagnosed. Whatever you do, don't go further down the psychiatric route. Anti-depressants had absolutely obliterated my capacity to think, and anti-anxiolytics would just work paradoxically to make me even more anxious. It'll just result in aggressive outbursts (I have regrettably made a few towards family members in my time.) My guess is that after a while they simply work to over-stimulate the adrenal glands. (They'll burn them out over time, and in 5 years he'll turn into a complete weakling, if my experience is any indication.)

Thanks....i dont want him going down phsychiatricc route..what he needs is plan of action to work on his anxiety and ;ife skillsto help himcommunicate

Wish there was an answer to this that I could give you, but I haven't found the answer yet. Really feel that we have to get adrenal and thyroid functions working optimally to notice good results. Janet.

Good to hear your side of it Derpington. My son also has autistic traits, but hsi main problem at the moment is his Thyroid not being addressed properly as it is causing real physical health problems which have necessitated a stay in hospital recently. Good to hear from someone who can articulate how they feel from taking different meds. Thanks for this insight. Janet.

It's ridiculous that they had let your son's condition deteriorate that far. It was no problem really, I wouldn't want anyone to have endured what I have.

Aspergers and hashimotos /hypothyroid go hand in hand

Theres research that Hashis parents have Aspergers kids as my daughter has found out

so a full set of thyroid tests inc thyroid antibodies would be a start

Not had him tested for thyroid probs.....trying to get support for his anxiety...the way im feeling is not helping because i cant tolerate communicating with doctor. Shes patronising and wont acknowledge how worried i am. My son went into the doctors office on his own and didnt understand what was being said which led to more anxiety for him.

I know it's difficult yorkshiregirl44 but please consider discussing with your son the possibility of some blood tests to rule out any organic causes. It's so common for thyroid problems and nutritional deficiencies to run in families, your GP and any other healthcare providers that he may see should be automatically screening him for these things.

I know we've talked extensively about B12 before in terms of your own health, but I'm not sure if you're aware that it is common for one or more of our children to also be affected. My daughter is also extremely anxious amongst other things and I am currently stealing myself to try and get her fully screened, but I'm not sure how to go about it without freaking her out even more (she's 11). I wish I had an easy answer. Here is some info anyway that you could perhaps have a think about:


H x

What a horrid predicament for you all. Asperger's does seem to be a poor relation in terms of support groups and clinics. In at least the short term, can you lean for support a bit more on your daughter? Or other family or friends? This is a hump which you need to get over. Then when you return to a less stressed state you might consider changing your doctor. And getting your son tested for thyroid probs is certainly A Good Idea.

Also because they rely so much on the blood tests results, they forget that there's a suffering person behind them. They diagnose only on blood tests but take no account of the clinical symptoms as they used to do before the blood tests became obligatory and doctors have lost their ability in assessing the patients.

I do hope you find a solution as it is a worry.

This is a link which may be helpful:-

will look at that...thanks

I was a Graves patient when my son was born, so he has other hormonal problems as well. Guess all hormonal problems go hand in hand though. Janet.

I have Hashimotos and my son 12 has Aspergers/Tourette's/OCD all made worse by his severe anxiety, I don't have any answers for you except I can recommend a forum where you will find many knowledgeable parents of ASD kids/young adults and they also have a FB page, they really are helpful, have a look, you need to join the forum to access the FB page which is a closed group :) Have a look if the link doesn't work google ASD Friendly. PM me if you want a chat ((()))

Thankyou much a appreciated

I am so sorry to read about your problems. The CBT therapist/group was completely wrong IMO - he's not lacking motivation, he's overcome by his anxiety, depression and other symptoms. They might as well have just told him to pull himself together grrrr. Once again the limitations of a practitioner excused by the alleged shortcomings of the patient. My own suggestion, whilst you consider the other excellent suggestions here, is to consider sessions, initially at home, with a clinical hypnotherapist. Professionally, and personally, I believe CBT to be limited in who it can help. The experience of hypnosis can be relaxing in and of itself, especially if anxious, then when you add in the therapy part, so much can be done to help the client. The added benefit is that your son can say as little or as much as he wants to the clinical hypnotherapist, or nothing at all, in fact, as it is perfectly possible to work "content-free" as it is known. I do sincerely wish you both the best of luck. If it helps your son to know there can be light at the end of the tunnel, I have seen dramatic changes in young people in your son's situation.

I too was going to suggest a hypnotherapist - definitely helped my anxious youngest daughter when 17/18. It was amazing to witness the improvement, she then even learnt to drive. J x

I so feel for you yorkshiregirl as I am going through much the same with my special needs son. Do hope we manage to get some help for both of them. It is heartbreaking to see your children suffering, no matter what age they are. My son is 37, but still very much a child. Janet.


Sorry to hear about your situation. I feel confident you could all benefit from a sugar free non-gluten diet. I started to develop hashimotos disease. and reversed the symptom and antibodies just by diet and supplementation alone.

The fantastic thing is that there was an improvement in my condition in just 4 weeks.

What is even more incredible is that the autism condition can be greatly improved according to someone I know here in Spain, ! She spent a small fortune on a consultation with a medically trained doctor who treats patients with diet and supplemention. If you´re interested I could aske her about what course of action she took.

I feel confident there is hope for you, but not in the orthodox medicine route, where they´ll just throw Pharmaceuticals at you.

Anxiety is a nasty disorder unfortunately my husband suffered badly with it in the past which turned into severe anxiety and depression a good book to help understand it all is:

Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David D Burns

It is essentially CBT but do it at home it will help him understand and set up coping strategies and it will help you understand, but if you suffer anxieties yourself you probably already do, I feel for you it is such a tough situation to be in.

I'm quite surprised they didn't offer him anti depressants they are usually so quick to throw them at patients. if you

or your son is more comfortable with the herbal route there is always st Johns worth to try.

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