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Can an accident/trauma affect our T3 levels ?

I am struggling at present with hypo like symptoms of tearfulness, low energy,shakiness, anxious/nervous, loss of confidence and a return of the pricking sensation from (low B12 I suppose).

-all these symptoms have come on from an accident I had three weeks ago. I thought these were shock symptoms, but I am now wondering if I should increase my Armour by a 1/4 grain for a period of time?

Do our thyroid levels take a dive in shock situations?

Should I increase my NDT?

I would really appreciate any help or advice or similar experience ?

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I think that our adrenals tend to react in shock situations and that often adrenal fatigue is a comorbid factor in hypothroidism. Our adrenals affect our thyroid function as well.

Have you ever looked into adrenals? I am aware that there is some advice saying not to increase thyroid load if the adrenals are suffering as it could make the thyroid worse.


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