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A change needed ?????

Just some advice please, seem to be going backwards.

In May Cortisol was Very very low, high, high and high. My saliva test

I started treating the highs and was beginning to feel better. Sleeping at night and being able to function earlier in the day. Not great but improvement.

Latest labs have shown my T3 rising since labs in June.

But I'm back to being up all night and now in a dead sleep almost all day.

Still taking the HB, PS at 2 night highs but they aren't doing anything no matter how high I am.

I'm off everything until I test my iron, and vitamin, etc tomorrow. I'm very curious to see if those rose since I started treating them.

After the test should I go back to treating my cortisol the same or readjust.

Feel like I have to many balls in the air to have a clue which way to go.

Thank you. Again.........


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I'm afraid your post is too cryptic for me.

What was "Very very low, high, high and high. "?


I think she means her saliva cortisol test. :)

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I did. Sorry. I edited post. Brain fog. 😱


Brain fog. Greygoode is good. I meant my saliva test and cortisol results.


I'm thinking that without testing again it is impossible to know for sure what is happening. Cortisol will effect conversion to t3 but it's very complex, but I'm wondering if the rise in t3 is a sign of better conversion? R u taking t3 only thou because that Wd blow that theory out of the water? In lieu of a retest I would stick with it, it's more likely high cortisol is causing sleep problem at night. Perhaps u need to adjust thyroid meds too? Down. Impossible to say without full results and ranges.

I also find my insomnia just goes in cycles and my cortisol is on the floor and I take hc now, so it might be unrelated. How are your other high cortisol symptoms?

If you're on a thyroid med with t3 in have you tried taking a cicadian dose several hours before you wake? When I did that my early sample came up, but all my other dropped lower, but in your case that may help.


I am taking NDT and T3. I added the early am dose as well but have had no improvement. I was feeling better than slid backwards.

I better do the saliva test!! B


What time have you been taking the early dose? Have you taken all your t3 and NDT at that time? How much NDT and t3. It can be worth experimenting with the time, sliding it from 1.5 hrs before wake up to as much as 4 hours before to see what feels best. Best to work systematically in half hour shifts, holding the shift for 7 days before shifting along another half hour.


When I wake up early I have been trying T3 and /or NDT. Then taking another dose mid afternoon and one before bed.

I have been on 1 grains of NDT and 50 of T3

I'm tried various times and combinations and nothing seems to be working

Of course I think my adrenals are more mixed up then before I can't get to sleep until 4 am and wake up finally at 2 to 3 pm

Then I'm wide awake

It's hard to schedule meds around this crazy sleep schedule

Any suggestions on timing


I'm not clear if your still only getting to sleep at 4am? You need to stop letting yourself sleep so late if that's the case and force yourself to get up earlier. Do you have good sleep hygiene, what time are you trying to get to sleep? I can't sleep before 12.30 so although I go to bed at 10.45 I read until 12.30, then I will get to sleep by 1-1.30am unless I'm having a bout of bad insomnia in which case I use sleeping pills. I wake several times but normally go back to sleep, I usually wake about 8am and always get up by 9am at the latest. I have to go back to bed after 1.5 hrs because I can't tolerate being upright, but that's another story.

You need to be brutal and set an alarm even if you re not getting to sleep until 4am. 6 hrs is doable so do nt sleep past ten for example, otherwise you r never going to shunt your sleep into a better pattern and your cortisol will also not settle. We make the majority of our cortisol in the four hours prior to waking, so u have to get it more routine else your cortisol is all out of sync too.

When you've done that Set your alarm for 2 hours before you are getting or waking up, take 30 of your t3 then and go back to sleep.. Take the rest of your t3 4-5 hrs after you wake up and your NDT 2-3 hrs after that. Don't take a night time dose of t3 that won't help you sleep. How low was your morning cortisol? It might be you need to move the cicadian dose even earlier.

Why r u taking a grain of NDT with such a large dose of t3? How did you arrive at this dose? with so much t3 in your system you r more likely to be converting the majority of the t4 in the NDT to rt3, so there's not a lot of point in taking a whole grain.


Hello 637elphaba,

I wonder how you treated your 3x high cortisol ? thank you...


I have been taking PS and HB for the highs. I was adding zinc and vitamin c as well but want to test my vitamins.


Sorry but what is mean PS and HB :D


Hb is probably holy basil, I don't know what the other is. I'm sure 637 will tell you. Hb is used to lower cortisol.


Sorry I thought I replied. I must have not hit the submit button.

Hb is Holy Basil and ps is Phosphatidylserine. I was told they would lower highs. Take them an hour before each high. Increase amount every few days if symptoms do not go away.

I had luck with this method for awhile but it seems to have stopped. 😒

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