Day 5 of ARMOUR 1grain- feedback please

Hi there- any feedback would be great. I am on day 5 of 1 grain NDT- up to now I have been on 100mcg of T4 Levo. I thought all was going the change over..but tonight at teatime...started to feel really tired and a headache....hoping this is going to be my change of life and moving on T4 I had all my hypo symptoms even though I was normal. Been seeing Dr C since April. I have high cortisol at night and I am being treated with amytriptaline 10mg to lower.

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  • I've recently started taking ndt. I was on 175mcg Levo which I stopped one day and started ndt the next. The first few days were ok then I started to feel like I was going downhill. I think it's because initially you still have Levothyroxine in your system but after a few days it's depleted enough for symptoms to return/get worse. How long have you been told to take 1 grain for? Are you splitting your dose? I take mine all in the morning and it seems to be fine for me at the moment (I just have an odd sleep pattern!), but maybe you need a little more in the afternoon.

  • thank you for the reply- I take the 1 grain in the morning on wakening. I have another appointment with Dr C in one months time.

  • I take mine once a day in the morning and Dr Lowe recommends this as it means the T3 saturates your cells. It does take a while for levo to leave your system as it diminishes daily. You can usually switch over to NDT immediately and this is a conversion chart which is a rough guide:-

    After you switch over increases should be gradual till you feel better, taking into account temperature and pulse. If you take a bit too much, just reduce the next day.

  • Thank you for your reply.Dr C has not mentioned taking temperatures. I take the 1 grain in the mornings on wakening. Thank you for the link. I seem to feel fine in the morning so far...but I had a scary heart flitter last night too...feeling a little scared- any ideas?

  • Well- this morning I tried half a grain - and NO issues whatsoever!- then took the other half at 6pm.... and no side maybe I needed to split the dose!

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